BA real estate: buyers or sellers market?


Feb 4, 2007
I have noticed some discrapancies regarding the BA real estate market. I am not familiar with the market at all but some things really make me wonder. While it appears there is an ample supply of both - real estate for sale and real estate for rent, the rental prices for appartments of 60 - 80 square meters seem to be yielding above average returns (8% up). This may be a superficial observation on my part as my judgement is solely based on what information I can get from looking at properties on the net. Is it buyers or sellers market?
There is a lot on the market to buy and rent but a lot is substandard. As the previous poster said, you can not go by the number of square meters alone. WHERE is the apartment? Neighborhood is a key - the key - factor. Location within a good neighborhood is a factor. What is the building like? Does the apartment have light? A view? Is it on a noisy street? Are the "expensas" (maintenance fee) reasonable? If it is a short term rental apartment you must take into consideraton quality of furniture, services offered among other factors.
All of the above written is well understood. But this wasn't really my question. My question was rather related to the supply/demand situation and an oppinion on the future outlook in the real estate market in BA .
its definetly a sellers market and some areas are commanding up to 90 percent occupany rates for short term rentals. Palermo and Recoleta which includes Barrio norte are the best bets for investment.
Yes there are some bargains but the quality of apartments which includes furnishings can be extremely poor if renting from Argentines. I suggest if you hear for long term rent unfurnished or better still buy an apartment and do up to your standards
Yes, this would be my idea. I am coming down to BA for a 3-month trial stay this year. And if I like the BA wibe, I intend to habitate there for half a year (preferably in my own space) and rent it out for the other half. Living in Europe all year round can get pretty depressive - fortunately my income doesn't depend on any particular locatin. This is more or less the kind of property I'd be happy with >>>