Bank account?


Dec 29, 2007
Is it worth it to get a bank account in BA, and what are the problems/complications associated with this? I'm not sure how long I'll be there, but it will at least be a few months. And I found out my bank charges a 3% fee on all cash withdrawals and credit card transactions, even though it has branches in BA.
Any suggestions?
I've been trying to get an HSBC account since December....Unfortunately I cannot do without it and have had to resort to lawyers help, but still nothing!! Just requests for more and more obscure documents (such as property insurance policy) and for duplicate and triplicate forms to be filled in and signed. Have wasted hours at their head office just to be told each time that it's not ready yet.
In 2007 I tried to open an account with Banco Itau, but gave up after a year!! Never were they able to issue me even a debit card despite me bringing them every document requested.
Jeez....that's pretty bleak. I think I'll just take the fees. Do you have an HSBC account in the U.S.? If so, you'd think that might work in your favor.
You're probably both right...its just not worth the trouble.
Sorry if this doesn't apply to all you North Americans, but to visiting Brits I would recommend opening a Nationwide account in the UK with their combined debit/credit VISA card as they charge no handling fees for ATMs worldwide and don't screw you on the exchange rate either. I feed mine through their and other web banking sites, so the only occasional issue is the daily withdrawal limit, which you can bypass with multiple accounts or careful forward planning. This is beginning to sound like an ad, but if you are travelling on savings, their web based e-saver account is good value and gives the advantage of real-time transfers.
OK who do I apply to at Nationwide for commission?
I opened a London HSBC Premier account last summer as I was told by HSBC here I had to have this account in order to be able to open one in Bs As......hasn't worked so far though!
I think you can at least avoid the fees with an HSBC Premier account...but you have to keep a $100k balance, at least in the U.S. It all sounds like way, way to much of a hassle.
I opened a premier account in the UK, the girl there said she could open an account anywhere in the world. So I asked her to open an account for me at the branch on Santa Fe, after a very long wait she came back and said "anywhere in the world except Argentina".
Consider this to be the opening volley to your introduction to Argentina. If you are going to be here for only a few months do not bother with the account. In fact, you will soon learn that attempting to do things right, is rewarded with more punishing hassel than a civilized human can withstand. The honor system does not exist, everyone is treated as though they were a crook [which is partly true] and the main reason for such convoluted systems. You will have a good time here if you operate under one simple rule...."do not engage with the system"