Aug 19, 2008
One of the great latent aspects to travel and expatriation, in my experience, is the concentration of some of the finest, most insightful minds around. Reading this blog has re-enforced my view of this (some of the bitter barbs aside). Some quite sobering and admittedly discouraging entries, for someone considering a long term move. Anyway kudos to you all for having the courage to paint outside the box.
I am no stranger to the world but will be a newbie to BA. I plan on testing the waters for a few weeks, and have decided on a short term rental. I wondered if anyone could make a comparative analysis of barrios, for instance: Palermo is to the left bank, what San Telmo is to the Mission district etc. I am hoping for a safe but wee bit edgy part of town, not too far from the fray. Also- although I am loathe to admit it, 50, and while I love to explore nightlife, I don't remember the last time I was up at 4am. Any more sedate venues where one has a chance of meeting sympaticos?Thanks and good luck to you all.
Nightlife? just get your sleep while you can. The siesta is a great idea here, because everything is late, and when you get older, you tend to sleep in short bursts anyway.
For me (Brit) you have to add on four hours as well, so four in the morning becomes eight. I will never see fifty again and I love it here, try to forget the clock and just rest when you need it. ENJOY