beautiful young dog looking for new, loving home


Feb 3, 2010
my neighbors have a 1-years old, very beautiful and very sweet and affectionate dog, female, spaniel-shepherd mix. adorable. they are moving and can't take her although they love her. i would take her myself but don't live here full-time and can't get too involved. anita (the puppy) need a good home with people who will love her back. (great with kids!)

i'd be happy to supply photos and more details to anyone who PMs me. location: palermo soho.
One tip : you should place pictures inside this thread, if you don't know how, let me know and I'll explain (or will give you my email adress so that I can post them).

Unfortunately I have myself 4 dogs + 3 halves of dogs (3 street dogs I feed in front of my home). Hotel is full
Same here I'm afraid, have two already, and yes I agree, a picture sells better. Don't give up trying!

He is a real cutie! Hope a loving family adopts him asap
thanks, nikad.

it's a girl actually. not only cute but super sweet and loving.
I'm such a softie I can't stand to watch the pictures! ;)

Keep us up to date, we want to see her safe & sound asap
i will let you know. meanwhile she is spending a lot of time with me, and i am totally in love with her. my greatest fear is what whoever gets her is not good enough for her!!!!