Best Bife de Chorizo


Aug 1, 2009
Where can you find it...feel free to pm me if you don't want the world knowing about some private place :p

For me the best bife de chorizo is at Parrilla Guijòn on San Josè and Chile, nothing fancy but excellent prices , steacks are big enough and french fries are also good, they also have an excellent desert (almendrado) icecream covered with almonds. The restaurant is simple not luxurious at all, prices are low and what else can we ask for....!
Thanks I'll definitely check that out.

But what about those that want it all? Good meat and a little bit of atmosphere? Any place for that?
Another good price for the quality is Des Nivel if you're already in San Telmo. It's excellent every time.

But for my, in part because it's close, but also in part because it is baratissimo is Cervantes on Peron just before Riobamba (b/n Callao & Riobamba). If you don't live near, you're not going to go. But if you do, it is amazingly inexpensive and the food is really good. I've had a few "misses", but most of the times they are definitely "hits".
I still really like La Cabrera, although I think its not as good as it used to be. But their bife is great, and they include a dozen or so free side dishes of things like beans and hardboiled quail eggs and potato salads and veggies.
Not cheap, and you need reservations.

Other places I have had very good bife-
Standard, over in Palermo Hollywood.
Sucre, on the edge of Belgrano.
1880- a great, classic, old style parilla on Defensa, at the far south end of San Telmo.
Parrilla Pena, a nice homey neighborhood place on Rodriguez Pena near Callao.
the best cuts of beef get sent to other countries and other cities like ny chicago china wherever. you can get a good steak here but its a long way from the best. i expect to be murdered after saying this but its true
The best Bife de Chorizo i have tried was at Los Platitos in La Costanera Norte area, Rafael Obligado Av. They have two areas one you can sit down like any other restaurant and also they have a dinner area, I recommend the dinner area because it’s cheaper. Also cheap wine, open kitchen, they have parking, and opened really late. If you don’t like how the place looks it walking distance to all the Best steak restaurants in Ba. Costanera Norte is known for the Steaks restaurants and the boliches like Pacha.
I second all of Ries's recommendations.

For Palermo dwellers, here are a few places you may not have tried:

  • Don Justo - Charcas y Julian Alvarez has it all - comfortable neighborhood place but with nice, modern decor (plus plasma panels showing the futbol games), good service, and (at least 90% of the time) great beef. Even a smoking room!
  • Calden de Soho - Honduras y Malabia - more traditional and simple. I recently tried it for the first time based on Oleo ratings and found the carnes very good
  • Miranda - Fitzroy y Costa Rica - hiper-trendy, modern, young crowd, but surprisingly good carnes. Try also the chorizos (a Saltshaker recommendation that convinced me to visit the restaurant the first time!)
None of these places is cheap, like 1880, but they all offer decent value, as well as convenience for those of us living on this side of town.

Finally, anyone tried Rodizio on the Costanera? It seems like a touristy and expensive tenedor libre, if quite handsome. I got dragged there by an Argentine friend when it was my turn to pick up the tab, and was surprised to find it filled with Argentine families celebrating something or another with really good food - consistently excellent meats, great salad/entrada bar (including fresh oysters and langostinos), and yummy postres in an all-you-can-eat format.
I went to Parrilla Pena o Rodriguez Pena and Viamonte; excellent steak, salad, provoleta, empanadas fritas, they are famous for their colita de cuadril cut; inexpensive and homey.

For a more upscale place with some ambiance, there is Mirasol which is really good, at least a couple of years ago when I went, Happening on Costanera Norte, Campo Bravo on Fitz Roy in Palermo Hollywood.