best jobboards for locals?


Mar 7, 2008
HI all,

I'm looking to hire a local flash engineer. Can anyone advise of the best places to advertise? Zonajobs won't let me post without a Cuit...

Thanks! or is another board, occasionally people list jobs on Craigslist but I think that gets more locals. Is Zonajobs Clarin's? I can't remember -- if not, try Clarin's or Lanacion's classifieds I guess., though I'm not sure of the requirements to post an ad.
Zonajobs and Bumeran are the biggest online job boards but they will both ask for a cuit. If you publish on paper newspaper classifieds you won´t need a cuit. you also have smaller boards like computrabajo, buscojobs, trabajando, execuzone, universobit. You might also want to try LinkedIn social network. It also depends on what type of job you are willing to post...feel free to post here what it is about and I will try to help you out.
Thanks Nikad. I managed to get on Bumeran though I can't remember what I did when they asked for a cuit. I will try the smaller boards too. We need people for for flash engineering, Desktop publishing (framemaker, illustrator,etc) and localization engineering. Obviously if we can find somebody that knows more than one of the above, the better. I'm in the process of setting up an office here so it would be a contract position with the possiblity of going full time in the future. Thanks again for your help - much appreciated
Hi Amat,

A couple of weeks ago I managed to advertise a post in ZonaJobs without having a CUIT... just put any number there.
You can pay with credit card or "pago facil" (no CUIT required).