Best parrillas / steakhouses


Don Julio gives a 20% discount off the entire bill with a Club La Nation card....any time, any day. It's worth getting a digital subscription to La Nation just to get the card.



Tried another one

Rio Alba - good service, good selection of wines ,decent prices but v bad meat.

I agree Rio Alba has ammonic feed lot meat .

There are maybe 10 parillas that serve grass fed meat . My favourite cut of meat is the short ribs at Nuestro Secreto. This very fatty cut explodes with flavour and tenderness and once tried you will always return . Also the mollejas of cow and goat are sublime with a crunchy juicy texture not matched anywhere else for mollejas which for me are a special treat .


I like Fervor, Posadas 1519. Great selection of steaks and seafood. Absolutely phenomenal service. Excellent place for a date, and you can smoke cigars at Prado y Neptuno next door before or after.
Thanks Middle path.

I went to this restaurant on a date yesterday. Mindblowing meat. exquisite service. awesome ambience. 10/10. bill was 4000 pesos for two including two great portions of meat ( 400 gr) + Luis Borga wine + one postre. I have no doubt that meat was farm fed with no chemicals.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ( the waiter told me not to come on a weekend though as service will not be this good)


Had the pleasure to eat some awesome meat in a restaurant called "Cabernet" in Luis Borges 1757. Excellent Service, Excellent ambience and excellent meat ( organic/farm raised).

I recommend the Lamb chops and T Bone steak.

Great desert ( Volcan with ice cream, the cake was hot)

They had one of the best wine collections, I have seen a restaurant in recent months.

Bill was 4000 pesos ( 48 usd) for 2.


Its almost impossible to find together in one place - these 4 in combination - in BA

1. Great farm raised steak ( quality - Don Julio)

2. Great Ambience for a romantic date - low lights.

3. Great service by waiting staff. polite/ no rush/empty table fast

4. No long waiting for getting a place (long queue/reserve may days in advance)

Still to find such a place in BA
Your home can have all 4.