Bikram Yoga has Arrived!


Feb 8, 2008
Bikram yoga, practiced in a room heated to 100+, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, has arrived in BsAs. If you are interested in practicing contact Annie Ory at [email protected] to attend classes.Ciao!
I'll be sending you an email for more info on the schedule and pricing.
In the mean time, do you have a website you could share with us?

Looking forward to getting back into yoga! :)
We are moving in January and were so excited to hear that there is a Bikram studio! Look forward to meeting everyone.
I went for a class at the new studio on Las Heras today. Ive been here for 2 years and Im so excited that Hot Yoga has arrived!! I´ve been practicing yoga for 12 years and hot yoga for about a year, was hands down amazing to practice, technically the teacher was good, although spoke crazy fast and non stop, but I have to say I was expecting a little more as far as ambience is concerned, especially considering the prices and location..I was hoping for a really nice space but it was super basic and I was surprised to find out the studio has carpet floors..seems wierd and kinda gross considering all the moisture from the sweat and humidity. Would be nice if they offered some other classes as well besides traditional Bikram, like a Hot Yoga Fusion or something just to mix it up, maybe a class with music (Bikram theres no music), hour classes are nice options also.

Overall, I felt amazing after class, will definitly go again and just hope they make some small changes as they expand their client base;)

I haven't attended Bikram here in BsAs, but I had a regular Bikram practice (3x a week) in the states, and I can tell you that most Bikram studios are carpeted and are supposed to be incredibly sparse and well lit. So, it sounds like your experience with this studio is in line with Bikram practices.
The pricing seems a little steep, don't you guys think? I practice Bikram in the Washington DC area when i'm in the states, but since i've been living and working in BA I haven't been able to practice. I was checking out the website today and the price is literally identical to the price stateside. That seems a little out of line with living costs in my opinion. I'd love to keep up with my Bikram in Buenos Aires, but not if it costs me about $60 USD a month just to go once a week. For comparison, I take dance classes at Estudio Calas twice a week, and it only costs me about $38 USD a month. To boil it down to price per class, its about $15 USD for bikram and about $4.75 USD for dance per class. I would expect yoga to cost about $8-10 USD per class.

Sad that apparently bikram is only for those earning and spending dollars, or those that poo gold :( sad face.
Its cheaper to do bikram in a sauna half the price, I went to this banya, that has a lot of space in BA and I just did my bikrim yoga there, maybe its not safe according to teachers, who are making a very good living charging folks so much for a class, but when you are not able to pay for their high prices, this is one way to do it. Doing bikram in general is risky, its why they make you sign that legal form. So try it out, the banyas in near Carlos Pelegrini stop, and you stay as long as you want. Yoga can be practiced alone, see a teacher when you can, I speak for people who don't make a lot of money and still want the benefits of yoga, we all deserve yoga, no matter how poor you are. It seems like the rich are the only ones can afford spirituality and health.
But its not true, and we can find ways.