Birth control pills


Sep 14, 2008
Hey everyone,
I need to buy a few packs of my generic Birth Control pills here in BA, but i don't know where to start. Do i need a prescription? Can i buy them at the Pharmacy?

Can someone give me some advice. I'm hoping to remain un-pregnant for the next little while. Thanks!
Hi, you dopnt necessarily need a prescription. You can buy them in farmacuty or any other pharmacity. Just ask for "Pastillas Anticonceptivas". One of the most common one is named Yasmin, and is made by Elea. There are others cheapear but I dont remebered any of them right now. Hope I could be of help.
I paid 50 pesos for mine I think. They dont have the best selection, most are pretty high in hormones. I eventually ordered the ovaring online, since its not sold in argentina and its the best. theee best.
Tridette, Norgestimato Etinilestradiol, is similar to Ortho Tri Cyclen. You don't need a doctors note and the cost was about $50p.
ha, if that's the case then i'd better get my skates on and get a supply before i leave. here in the uk on the nhs i could get a years supply (and for free! ) of my pill - which i would bet money on not being able to get hold of over there, most pills mess me up but the triphasic pill works best for me, trinordiol, and i have a hard enough time getting it here!

so basically, over there you don't need to get your blood pressure taken or see a general practicioner before taking it? you simply go into a pharmacy and they give it to you? that does suprise me.

then again, my argentine friend who was here a couple of years ago was taken aback/pleasantly suprised by the impartial, professional and non judgemental attitute of the staff when i took her to the drop in sexual health clinic here in the UK, it seems over there they are sometimes met with a barrage of questions and disaproval when they seek the morning after pill, for which, if i'm right in saying, i think they have to pay.

i guess in a country where abortion is still illegal it stands to reason that she might be greeted with this kind of attitude/hostility from the healthcare staff she dealt with but i would like to think that they would project a sense of decorum irrespective of their personal beliefs on the subject....has anyone else had any experience of getting the morning after pill in argentina?
diosaarenosa, yes you must pay for the morning after pill, and I can see how someone might receive that unwanted body language from a pharmacist here in Argentina or anywhere else for that matter, but it is only the display of a lack of professionalism. In the situations I have experienced or heard of, they (the pharmacists) have been more than helpful if not just attentive to your request.

As for getting a years supply of the pill before coming, that is an option, or if you have a health care plan here you can get them for free just like you said with a year's Rx. Saludos.
Diosa, in Argentina as with so many Latin American countries, pharmacies have much greater freedom (and, as a result, more training) to dispense medications since many people can't afford to see a doctor to get the prescription in the first place. They figure it's better for people to get the medications they need rather than punish those who can't afford a doctor's fees. Certain items do still require prescriptions, such as narcotics of course.
I had to get the morning after pill twice, no unwanted body language, hostility or intusive questions from any pharmacist on either occation (maybe because I went with my boyfriend..), it´s about 20 pesos in pharmacies, but you could get it for free at hospitals - or so I´ve heard. Didn't try it as it seemed so messy to get there on a saturday morning... we kinda didn't plan to fail so to speak :)
Anyway it works the same way here in Sweden, pay at pharamcy or get it free at a clinic, but you usually never get it for free for the above mentioned reason, so nothing strange to me..
Do they have the NuvaRing in Argentina? That's what my wife used, and it didn't make her... ah... crazy, like the other birth control's did.
Uh, I have health insurance and live with a doctor and all, but I still don't know much about this stuff. I'm a big fan of Seasonale. Saves me a lot of pain, and it comes in the form of a three month supply, so you only have to get a new pack four times a year. Can you get it here? According to the pharmacist, yes.