boca juniors tickets at the stadium


Apr 30, 2006
i´ve bought river tickets at the stadium but i´m not sure if you can do that at boca. has anyone bought tickets at the field? do you happen to know how many days in advance one can purchase tickets? (i´m thinking of going to the sunday game vs arsenal). the boca juniors website was not helpful - i couldn´t even find the schedule of games on it. and was also a mess.
please note that i´m not interested in purchasing a tourist package for the game, nor tickets from ticketek or another 3rd-party vendor - just regular old tickets for a non-socio at the regular price.
any firsthand information would be appreciated.
If you go on thursday or friday there is probally a sale and my guess would be for the game as well as Arsenal is a small team
you probably already figured it out for the arsenal game but i went to the game on Sunday and got scalped tix for 15 pesos each in popular. i do that pretty much every time i want to go to the game and havent had a problem, i would just make sure that the scalper walks you all the way into the stadium to make sure they aren´t fake.
Granadaiscool, at this time you cannot simply show up at the stadium. I called Boca and they said they were not selling any tickets to non-socios for the Arsenal game. Occasionally on their website under press they do mention when and where they´ll be selling leftover tickets, but it is only to very few games (and not the Arsenal one).
Next time I´ll scalp. Sarahexspanish did you just pay the scalper at the gate, after you confirmed that the ticket worked? And the Boca people had no problem with that (ie is it legal, or more importantly, allowed)? Did you get peed on in popular? :)
(Btw I´m not Argentine.)
Bottom line: check the website and if there´s no press release indicating the sale of tickets in advance of the game(to non-socios), scalp.
I would not go to Popular if you are not Argentinian. I wouldnt walk around in villa 31 as well. You might not get mugged, I just don´t like to take the chances
I agree. If I were to go in the popular section, I´d go with Argentine friends.
It´s smart to go to games without any jewelry or watches, and with very little cash.