Bolichas (holes in the wall) Parrilla


Jan 26, 2006
I enjoy a good piece of meat in a good restaurant, but in Buenos Aires I particularly like those "que se yo" sort of holes in the wall located on side street in the less touristy areas. So I'll mention two here that I particularly enjoy. One's located on Charcas between the Arroz St and Scalabrini Ortiz. Nice place with three little outside tables and right next door (well two doors) down from another hole in the wall that sells Arab food--I've not eaten in this latter one (I'm sort of a meat and potatos sort of guy) but I love Arab food and will try it some day too. The area/s sort of like a mall in that you could get your meat, a haircut, a tailor, an apartment and a hammer and some nails while you eat your vacio. I just had lunch there with vacio, fries, house wine and soda for 25 pesitos. Not bad.
There's another more upscale hole in the wall located either on Montivideo or Uruguay just off of Santa Fe. I can never remember which but its right across from the Aroma going towards Cordoba. Probably a bit more expensive and worse it doesn't often have vacio, but the meat is great.
Well, I've done my 2cents for today.
I think I know the second place that you are talking about. It is in the first block off of Santa Fe going towards Cordoba on Uruguay.
Good morning, everyone:
talking about Arab food, I'm glad to suggest you Sarkis restaurant (Thames and Jufré streets).
Dirección: Thames 1101
Localidad: Palermo
Zona: Capital Federal
Teléfono: 4772-4911
Estacionamiento: Calle vigilada
Cocina: Arabe, Armenia, Cantina.
Especialidad: Hummus, shish-kebab, keppe.
Sugerencias: Arroz a la persa, falajel, sarma (niños envueltos en hoja de parra)
Horarios: De 12:00 a 15:00 y de 20:00 a 01:00 hs.

I recommand barb keppe, boiled keppe or keppe however...!!!! At least... I love it.
Due I'm fixing my flat, I have not too much time to concerne on lunch then I had gone buying food there every January Sunday morning.
Two of my nieces adores me about because they loves Sarki's dishes as well as I do!!!
Bon apètit.
On the topic of Parillas that are "boliches".... a mid-scale boliche (at least in my book) is La Dorita. Good food and decent service... nothing extraordinary but it works forme. Humboldt & Costa Rica.
Does somebody know a bar/disco(boliche) in Palermo near Niceto Vega and humboldt named Amik or something like that?
It´s supposed to be good on sunday´s