Book swap: looking for Cortázar's "Hopscotch"


Nov 29, 2008
As the city's really laying on the tributes thick to Julio Cortázar on the 25th anniversary of his death, I thought it a good idea to read his most celebrated novel, Hopscotch, or Rayuela en español.

Does anybody have a copy they could loan me? I saw it in Walrus Books in San Telmo for $85, and I don't really want to pay that much. In exchange, I could loan you something from my collection (all in English unless noted):

Fictions (Borges)
El Aleph (Borges, en español)
The Savage Detectives (Roberto Bolaño)
Estrella Distante (Bolaño, en español)
The Fat Man In History (Peter Carey, collection of short stories)
Snow (Orhan Pamuk)
Oracle Night (Paul Auster)

Anyone out there with a copy?
Hey Dean, I don't know what books we'll have, but we have a bunch of folks coming to our house for a book swap party on March 14th in Congreso. Bring 2 books and some facturas, cake, cookies or whatever. We provide the coffee, the setting and a base offering of books. You can bring more than 2 if you like and then take more than 2 home as well.