Book Swap

Anyone interested in an English language book swap? I have several books that I have bought whilst I have been here and would love to swap them for others?
Yes! My friends and I were just talking about this. I'm away until the 1st of August but if anyone wants to get together after that I'd be up for it. I have a bunch of books that may interest people. Maybe a sunday afternoon at a cafe? Everyone can bring some books and we can have a chat & facturas.
If no one else is up for it send me your details by note and I'll arrange something with my friends and give you a ring.
you guys might want to try el rio libro, about 2 blocks west of the san lucas hospital in san isidro. the used books in english are CHEAP plus you can trade them in and pay half for your next......I have not seen one for more than 12 pesos.....