Books from Amazon?


Jan 17, 2009
Hello all,

I'm in dire need of English books, and I was thinking of ordering some off of Amazon. Any positive/negative experiences of using Amazon from BA? Does anyone know approximately how long it takes for a book to arrive via Argentine post?

I would buy a new amazon kindle and then download whatever you want including newspapers, books, magazines etc and a ton of free content. It will also save you waiting times and shipping costs, use the net, best way to make things close.

There's a small chain of english bookstore in the city called kel books. I've never been there personally myself so i can't say how good it is or their price but i saw their booth at a book fair and it had a good selection.

Website is

They have locations in Belgrano, Caballito, Downtown (MT Alveat 1300) plus 2 others.

Hello. I just wanted to share that I had a great experience with Amazon international delivery. I chose standard (arrived in 15 business days - 3 weeks - although it said minimum 18 days) and gave an office address so as to not take the risk of not being home. International standard was U$10 for one book.
I've used Amazon's international delivery a number of times and never had any problems. Books, DVDs, CDs, are delivered to my door by the correo, without any intervention of the aduana. It takes a little while for things to arrive, but cost and reliability haven't been a problem for me.
If you had a Kindle, the international delivery wouldn't be a problem at all...
For those of us who delight in tangible books, "Kindle" and its imitators aren't viable alternatives to paper and ink. Fortunately, there are scads of bookstores in Bs.As.