Bras with cup sizes...........


Dec 4, 2006
Any new local lingere designers putting out bras with cup sizes? I don't really like the old fashioned imported ones I have found. Thanks!
I think the only brands you can get here that have cup sizes are Triumph and Vanity Fair...V
I think you are right about Triumph but Vanity Fair has Argentine sizing. Triumph isa bit old fashioned from what I have seen. :-( Maybe I will check out Triumph again.
I know what you mean :p Maybe you can try other brands with the local measurements, you might find sth nice and that fits you well ( shopping is healthy girls fun! )V
I do not think that Argentine lingerie companies cater for bosoms, they cater for silicone implants that come in sizes 1,2,3and 4
If I do a private sale of these things will I have a market? I come from the US usually without any luggage, maybe I can bring some peanut butter and bras - and make a side business of this, no?
Go Grazie!!!!! Im putting my orders in now!
yes and some nice sexy bodies with string back and sizes for real girls. The argentine seem to think if you are over a size 32 you must be a grandmotherm because anything close to fitting me has th old "cross your heart" style with 2inch wide straps and size 20 knickers to match.....revolting. Even if you are lucky enough to fund things fit you here everything is soooooo tacky, cheap and synthetic looking. In fact even if you find nice clothing designs 9 times out of ten the stiching and workmanship is shoddy and that not even mentioning the jeans that leave blue stains on your legs.
My mother-in-law literally goes to Paris to buy her "cullottes" and she id Argentine society so I think you could make good business even with the local ladies.
Done! Anyone interested send me a private note and let me see what I should do to "uplift" the situation and keep stylish ladies "abreast" of what I have been enjoying all these years. ( auntieapple - you know it was just too good to let such a pun opportunity pass!) ;-)
ok, sorry about the dissertation below, but i just felt the urge to share my expedition and ask for any advice...
well, i've been on the search for a bra. after visiting several stores, i found one that seemed to have more variety than the other stores i had tried.... ok, the saleslady made some immediate suggestions... some of them looked like they wouldn't hold up for one day... she then pulls out one that is a similar design to one that victoria's secret came out with about 2 years ago. alright, sure, i told her i'd try it.... she says she has bras in my size, but she'll have to get them from the back... she went to the back and got on a ladder!!!! i was slightly embarrassed at this point, as in the us i am actually considered skinny and i wear one of the most common bra sizes in the states. in embarrassment, i say to the saleslady, "i guess we just grow them bigger in the us?" after trying on the bra the saleslady asks me how it's going... i mention to her that the fabric feels stiff, and that there are similar bras sold in the states but the fabric feels softer. she tells me that the fabric is stiff but it will become more comfortable the more it is worn. alright, if anyone has ever seen the old bbc sitcom "are you being served," i felt like i was in that store and i almost busted out laughing. i kept my cool and smiled... i asked the price... 330 pesos!!!??? i was in disbelief... this wasn't some little boutique in palermo either... no, no it was smack in the middle of florida. ok, so i asked about the price. i asked her if it was inlaid with gold or platinum??? the saleslady tells me that it's a brand new style and that it is very popular. i replied that in the states that same bra with softer fabric costs less than 50 dollars at victoria's secret. she said there is no way, because the style is brand new. i feel my bossoms are worth 110 dollars, but i still could not justify purchasing a regular bra for that much... i would rather go bra-less.
ok, sorry that was so long, just had to share. anyone found a reasonably priced lingerie store that they like? i readily admit that the states have way too many mega chainstores with a lack of local young designers and novel designs (at least at reasonable prices), but i must admit i'd be happy to have a victoria's secret-like store here, with some options on sizes and styles. :)