Bras with cup sizes...........


Jul 13, 2005
Hey - I just went to Dulce Carola in Unicenter. They have good bras, and they have bras with cup sizes. I was able to find a really nice one for 80 pesos. I wish I had bought two... The next week I was buying some medias at a store in Caballito and for some reason decided to try one this bra I saw that looked nice. I should have listened to the inner voice that said stay away. But instead I tried it on and in the 5 minutes in the store it felt comfortable and seemed to work. Well of course 5 minutes versus all day totally different and the straps are those removable ones and the metal clips dig in so much...
Anyway, so go to Dulce Carola. Hopefully they'll have something. I'll be going back. Also I once had some luck at Getien on Cordoba (nearish to Scalabrini Ortiz). I don't like padding in my bras and I found two there that fit great. However last time I went back there weren't any that fit me as well.