When I am in Argentina, I often eat granola with fruit and milk.
Or I make a fruit and yogurt smoothie, using fresh fruit, lots of grated ginger, and some of the least sugary juice I can find.
Or, I may just have a cup of tea and a bit of leftover tarta de pollo, or something similar, warmed up in the toaster oven.
Since virtually every portion at a restaurant in BsAs is huge, there is never a shortage of leftovers in my fridge.
Sometimes I fry up a couple of eggs, grate some cheese on em, and eat em on toast.

Not a big sugar pastry guy, myself- they make me fell groggy all day if I eat em first thing.
Mate :) And maybe once a week, medialunas y cafe con leche if it's a bad day and I need something fattening to make me happy:p
What option do you have to eat/drink healthy other then fruit and orange-juice?

Its how you get good food, in any country.
You buy the healthy stuff, and you make it yourself.

Of course, there are a wide variety of opinions about what constitutes "healthy".
I just have cafe con leche plain, but love it with the occasional pizza leftovers. Every once in a while I cook waffles or hotcakes + bacon, yum!
I have fruit and All helps me do great poo.

Is that why you are asking Blah Blah? Because you are so full of it?