Bringing electronic equipment into BA


Oct 20, 2010
VMSmith said:
When I first moved here a couple of years ago, I flew in on two or three occasions with small suitcases loaded with electronics: laptops, routers, wireless access points, switches, etc. The most scrutiny I got was some customs agent at EZE asking me if I was a U.S. citizen.Can't guarantee things will work that way for you, but I never had a problem.

I too recently brought my computer, PS3, external hard drive, and even a small LCD tv in a suitcase through the Ezeiza airport and had no problems. From what I can tell it's most important to make sure to have it in a suitcase and not in the original packaging (don't buy a bicycle and ship it in the box labeled "TREK" because it will probably get taxed.

I had a buddy that recently bought something like 4 macbooks, 5 ipads, and a bunch of iphones and had no problem entering.

It makes you wonder how a country wants to function with such high import taxes on technology.

Good luck!