Calling Toll-Free Number in Arg from Overseas


Apr 10, 2008

I have a subscription with Skype that allows me to call all landlines free in Arg for free so I never setup a landline here. However, i'm trying to call Fibretel and i can only find their toll free number. But i've been unable to find any combination to call that will allow me to connect, i keep getting an unusable number warning on skype. Does anyone know the sequence to call toll free numbers from overseas?

I've tried 54-800-xxxx, 54-0800-xxx, 54-11-800-xxx, etc....

Can anyone help?

I'm having (and have had) the same problem!
Despegar US says that since the reservation was from Argentina, I can only change it by calling the Argentina toll free number (from Skype since I'm in the US).

I found the answer on wikipedia, which says that... it's impossible.

Los números no geográficos (como 0800 o 0810) no se pueden acceder desde fuera del país y se debe usar el número geográfico estándar en su lugar. Muchas compañías no publican sus números geográficos de atención al cliente y ofrecen solamente el número no geográfico (a menudo un número único para todo el país). En ese caso, se debe contactar a la organización en cuestión para obtener el número estándar y así poder llamar desde el exterior, de ser necesario. Esta situación es habitual con compañías de seguros, telefonía móvil, tarjetas de crédito, etc.
I called a toll free number from Skype yesterday. Just entered the country as Argentina (from the list, rather than country code) and then either entered the 0800 number complete or started with 800 (can't remember which). It worked for me.
We have been trying to call 0800 numbers in Argentina from abroad. My husband would like to get a prepaga for my mother in law who is living in Argentina and all the companies have 0800 numbers. It is impossible to communicate with them and have them give us a normal landline number.

Does anyone have any success calling 0800 from abroad? From skype? Any sugggestions??

Thank you!!!
Best option ask your MIL to call the prepaga and find out a landline. Otherwise go to the web page and and search for a lanldline or request via email de info

Thanks for the idea - at this point she is not able to check it out herself. We have tried to communicate with the prepagas through email and chat and and son un destratre... they said they do not have telefonos fijos.

Any other ideas???
I tried calling 800 numbers so many times from abroad and it doesn't work from a regular phone. I just send them e-mails asking for the local number and make a regular overseas phone call.