Can’t complete the declaración jurada


Are you a resident in Argentina or coming in on a special permission? As if a resident the travel insurance may be throwing it off...? Who knows with these genius systems they make.

Ronnie Hotdogs

Just to let you know my experience, upon arrival decided that I would go for the covid test and fill in the declaración jurada for CABA. I had to pay $2500ARS but it wouldn’t take payment from any of my cards or the wife’s cards so I asked if I could pay cash, couldn’t. Then they said do you have travel insurance so they took the details of the policy and then let me go and get tested. Got tested immediately and in theory will have a result within 4 hours they said. Still have to do 7 days quarantine but the girl was of the opinion that if you had a negative test ya está.


So what is the final rules when it comes to travelling TO Argentina. My understanding is PCR test within 72 hours of departure time to EZE in either English or Spanish + declaracion jurada - nothing else? Anything online ?


Any word on if you can return to the country with a precaria? Or do you need the DNI itself? Hoping to return to the states in april or may to get the vaccine but might not have my DNI by then. I'm applying for residency through a coviviencia in the beginning of February.