Can the following be found in BA?


malbec said:
Exactly that is what I mean. I grew up with dulce de leche, alfajores and all those things. I've spent 10 years living in Europe and was happy of not having dulce de leche and alfajores! Things that were boring after so many years of overdose.
Isn't it enough to bring a jar of peanut butter if you fly once a year back to the US?
Well, you might well be the exception to the rule. When you lived abroad you did see the "chinatown', "little italy", "little india", "little britain", etc etc sections of the city as well as large sections of imported goods or at least you've heard of them, right?

In my little town of 100K in Europe we had two stores that had products from latin american including dulce de leche & mate. Someone's eating it! This is not a new phenomena.

Oh, I forgot, when I was visiting Washington DC last September there was a Latin American supermarket that we went into for fun. A supermarket! Lots of mate & dulce de leche there as well! ;) I bought some dried chilis that I can't find here.