Cash And Climbing...


Hi All, Used to live in BsAs 2009 - 2012 and back to visit in a couple of weeks. Guess a lot has changed so have a few questions..

- What's the deal with money these days? ATMs working or $$$ down the cueva still the best way to go?
- Any good rock climbing / bouldering gyms around barrio norte / palermo? Anyone here climb?
- And the most important....where are the good new places to eat?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah, for long term stays and if you don't mind carrying cash USD it is the best way to go. ATM fees have risen to about 10% ($175 pesos) of a max withdrawal of $3,000 pesos per transaction now. I'll be updating that article as frequently as I see changes. Cuevas and cash remain king IMO.

I'd check out that same site that Julian listed for new restos. She stays on top of the food scene. I think you'll be quite pleased with the new additions- tons of them!
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you can open an account on XOOM, wire yourself any amount, and pay only 3% fee
If you are suggesting to use Xoom to get pesos by having it transfer USD and exchange them here...when I checked yesterday Xoom was exchanging 1 USD for 16.8x pesos and that was the rate for a 10,000 USD exchange. (I got 17.78 from my guy).


Hi @EDC - I am visiting BA (Palermo area) for New Year's Eve and a week after. Would love to climb (ropes) if you're looking for a partner. Have you found a gym you like?