Cat food


Jan 11, 2008
I will finally get my cat to Argentina. Problem is he's allergic to chicken protein so I had to turn him into a piscivore... Does anyone know if there is something like Snappy Tom available here? Thanks a lot!
Cat food here is a challenge. The selection here for natural..human grade is not like the States. You might check out the Pet Food/Vet stores that carry Royal Canin..they have 3 allergy formulas..venison/pea, lamb/pea and rabbit/pea. I am waiting for a reply from them to see if these are carried here in BA. I will post what I find out. The other reason to go to one of these combo stores is that the Vet might be able to special order for you or have something that's not on the shelves.
The other option for you is to home cook...there are many websites that give you all the information to make sure your cat is getting all he or she needs.
Best of luck!
Thank you so much for your advice Evergreen! Looks like Royal Canin Pure Feline might be the ideal product for my boy, I'll give home cooking a try though :)
Desertrose...You are very welcome! I have yet to hear from the SA Royal Canin..the US Rep., sent on my questions so might have to email again as it's been almost a week.
If you have any questions on home cooking recipes for your "gato" I do have a very good book and would be happy to email you direct with them.