Jul 27, 2006
Thanks to everyone for their replies to my questions about the DNI and tourist visa. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to obtain a CDI without a resident visa and, of so how to obtain the CDI? Has anyone obtained a visa rentista IN Argentina? I am interested in buying an apartment and possibley a car, and I understand this is possible with the CDI. Yes, I have driven in Buenos Aires....Thanks!
Yes, you can get CDI number without a resident visa. Just go to the branch of AFIP (local analog of IRS) your home address is assigned to. You can find it here
Bring your passport and any kind of document that confirms your address (rental contract, hotel receipt, some utility bill). Tell them that you want to buy an apartment and you need a CDI for that. They will enter your info into the database, and will give you your CDI number right away. Be persistent.
You can find guide to AFIP operations here:
Thanks to the administrator for the info! I found the address for the local AFIP in the link to the website in two minutes! I have a monthly invoice for Omint address to me in BsAs. Is that enough or might I need a certificate de domicilo issued by the police? (A real estate agent suggested the latter. Thanks!
There are many regulations and many interpretations on what may be necessary. Many escribanos insist that you need to have a local legal representative, for example.
Not all of the regulations are applied in practice. I think the best approach would be just to go there and let AFIP clerk to explain you what to do. My guess is that passport alone will be sufficient and they will not make any attempt to verify your address at all. But it is not possible to be absolutely sure of anything here.
Thanks, bjrutledge, Fortunately, I know an insurance agent and his daughter is my girlfriend (who lives in Tigre). They tell me I can buy the car in HER name....any thoughts about this ideaa?
My thought is that you haven't been in Argentina very long!

Buy it in her name and it's hers.

While you're at it, wanna buy a nice apartment and put it in my name?

Well said! Where would you like to live?
PS: Thanks for making me smile...
Steve, I was just at afip last week. This is what the representative told me you must have for your CDI:Original passport plus a copy for them to keepCertificado de domicilio for the police station federal that corresponds to your addressForm 663 completed for themNow, she didn't mention the lease - your cert dom is supposed to surpass that because it's an official document, also nothing that has an address with you name on it either, but it certainly doesn't hurt. make sure you take an extra copy of everything and make it nice and neat, make their life easier and don't go too late. I know the office on Luis M Campos opens at 10, I would suggest if your office opens around the same time you don't get there too late either and make sure you take the correct number as soon as you enter the building (and bring something good to read while you wait!)Regarding buying the car, you can buy a car without a visa here. You will need your passport and your CDI. For all the paperwork you can hire a gestore to take care of the registration. I have several websites you can check where you can find private and dealerships. Be careful who you buy from and do NOT use Car One, they are overpriced. Oh, and be ready to pay a lot more for the car here than in the States or elsewhere. email me if you want the sites at [email protected]
Thnaks, sapphos,

I went to the office on Luis Campos at 9:00 am this morning. I was about the tenth person in line, but the first in line for secotor D. The doors opened at 10am....and I received the CDI in less than 15 minutes. Your information was EXACTLY what was required (nothing more, nothing less..they asked for the certificate de domicilo)!
HOWEVER, my (now ex) girlfriend (Argentine) is very unhappy with me. She says that by getting the CDI (I could not get the DNI) that I will be a suspect of "cleaning the money" and will probably go to jail! I think she is a control freak who just lost some power. Any thoughts?

Steveinbsas, Hi.
Can you please share the AFIP address that you went to (for your CDI) ? I tried the link as chris gave, but so far I no luck. This is in La Imprenta/ Belgrano area, I presume? Thank you so much in advance.