Cell phone plans


Hi,I'll be coming to b.a. in March. I want to make sure I can get my blackberry (8830 world edition) connected on arrival without any problems. I was wondering if prepaid SIM card plans, which include data access are readily available.thanks Mark


I was just wondering the same thing. I see this was never answered.
Does anyone know? Thanks.


The problem will be with any sort of picture mesaging. I have a local phone which works ok for text and calls. My own phone from the UK (erickson 810) again works ok for text and calls, but it simply will not recieve pictures. My daughter sent some pics and we could not recieve them until we reached the States.
My advice would be to keep the mobile for local calls and text, but for anything else use the internet, or a locotorio (cheap as chips). If you have international roaming you should have no trouble calling from here with your phone.