Coke in a bottle


Jun 2, 2007
The other day I saw a mom pour some of her coke in her infant son's bottle at a McD's at Alcorta Shopping. Also, every birthday party we go to serves only sodas to kids as young as 2 years. If I hosted a birthday for my 2 year old in the States and served only sodas I think parents would be enraged or at least scold me for doing so. Parents here seem to know it's not good for their kids but kinda accept it since everybody does it. Has it always been like this? Just curious....
balover, in general US parents want their kids to have good oral hygiene plus the cost of dental work in the US is exhorbitant. Having braces and bi-annual cleaning plus whitening costs a bundle. So parents see ways on how to save in dental expenses by keeping the kid's teeth decay free - meaning no sodas for the little ones in bottles. And that means no apple juice in bottles when the baby takes a bottle before sleeping, water only.
Osteoporosis is becoming a problem in younger and younger individuals. It is not widely public knowledge, but it is also not hidden under a rock, that the carbonation in sodas leaches calcium from the bones. So bottle or no bottle, it is a fact that there are health consequences to providing young and still developing children sodas. Consequences that go far beyond simply trying to avoid dental costs.