Computer problems? Want wi-fi? Native english speaker can help.


Nov 9, 2008
Are you an English-speaker visiting, staying or living in Buenos Aires? Are you having computer problems? Is your laptop having problems, your wi-fi not working, your your HD dying, e-mail not downloading? Are you renting an apartment with internet, and want to set up wi-fi while you're here? Need help buying and installing computer products while here? Are your webmail or usual web sites forcing you into the spanish language version of the sites?

I'm an American, and have been living here for several years year. When in the U.S., I was an IT consultant for a number of years, and have fixed almost any Windows PC (and occasional Mac and Linux as well) issue you might run into. If you don't speak spanish, you may find it difficult to get things repaired or fixed while here - I can help. Please call my cell phone, 15 3676 3527. If you have an american cell phone on roam, I have US forwarding number as well, 415 670 9622, which reaches me here.

I charge us$30 the first hour, us$25/hour any additional hours.

I'll also have a web site up shortly at .

I also offer some general tourist services - guide for the day, assisting with apartment lease signing, locating things.

Andrew David Burt