Country & Western / Bluegrass Band @ Casa Bar Friday 11 July


Jun 30, 2008
Country & Western band " The South is playing @ Casa Bar this Friday the 11th of July. Band starts early ( 9 PM ) and is followed by Casa Bars Friday Night BBQ.
Arrive early becaause The South has a loyal Expat following and the place will fill up.

Casa Bar - 1150 Rodriguez Pena ( Santa Fe & Rodriguez Pena )
Yeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
Is this a family style place where kids can come eat too? (with guardian of corse)
Back home The Greatest Show On Earth - The Calgary Stampede - is currently underway - and I am soooo NOT missing it. But, it'll be fun to kick up my heels (can we 2-step?). Save me a spot!
responce to hannstew
unfortunately we are not allowing minors to attend this event. we are a new bar & cafe that is currently still in our soft stage ( pre-appertura ) while we complete the 2nd and 3rd floors. our hours at this time are 7 pm until 4 am or later depending on the night.
this is a 21 and over bar and do not want to expose minors to alcohol and the related actions of adults that consume. pious we are not, just trying to be a responsible bar.
however, in a very short time we will be expanding our ours to first open at tea time ( 5-6 pm ) and people of all ages are welcome until select times. also we hope to be able to take one day of the week, perhap sunday afternoon, and hold events for parents and their children. when the entire project is completed we wil be opening at 8 am for breakfast /cafe and stay open until very late.

the kitchen is only serving simple foods again until we complete our kitchen and have a full service menu offering.
thankyou for your interest and hope to see you soon.
ps we serve illy coffee ( some think it is the finest in buenos aires, have free wifi access and this may be a bit prejudicial, but think we have the nicest place in the city ).
casa bar - mi casa es mi casa
pero son bienvendio
resply to maraya
this will be The Souths first performance at our venue and we plan on working with them in the future on a regular basis. the venue is not very big ( french petite style hotel ) so we are not planning on 2 stepping or line dancing. then again we are known for random acts of dancing. the 2nd floor when it is open will be ideal for line dancing and general kicking up of the heels.
see you manana and thankyou for your interest