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I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I was vaccinated with the first dose of AstraZeneca on July 6. I only experienced a slight pain on the
inoculation site for 4 days. My neighbor received the 2nd dose of AstraZeneca at 8:00am at La Rural last week. She complained of "feeling very weak by the time she got home, took 650mg of paracetamol and slept for the next 6 hours. She was fine by that evening. Yet with the first dose she only felt a mild pain on the inoculation site for a couple of days.
Myself and the wife are both under 40 think maybe it’s related to age. We were both the same got vaccinated the same day.



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Hey man...we can be totally uncertain about serious side-effects, but spin it to be pretty close to preventing the Big Bad Bug...what's the harm in a little fun?


21 July 2021
From the cellphone. Coronavirus: how to process the digital vaccination certificate.
It will begin to be implemented starting next Monday in the Province of Buenos Aires for commercial premises.

What is it and what information does it contain?
The "health pass" system will begin to be implemented on July 26 in the Province of Buenos Aires.... restaurants, bars, clubs or gyms will be able to extend the capacity allowed to serve clients in closed places only for people vaccinated against the coronavirus, with the first or second dose.
Kicillof announced that the capacity will be expanded in phases 2, 3 and 4 with an additional 20%, "exclusively for people who are vaccinated with one dose" and who have met a period of 21 days from inoculation, for development of antibodies....

What is the digital certificate of vaccination?
It is the digital credential available in My Argentina that certifies that the vaccine was applied to you.
What information does it provide?
The credential contains personal data: name, surname, DNI number, and vaccine data: name, batch and number of doses; the place and date where it was applied.
What is the source of the data?
Each jurisdiction is responsible for the information load of each person who is vaccinated and then appears on the credential.

How do I process the digital vaccination certificate?
All persons who were vaccinated against Covid-19 can see their vaccination certificate in My Argentina. The procedure is very simple:
1. Download the application at the following link:
2. Create an account:
3. Finally, validate the identity:
Then, enter "My Argentina" with CUIL and password; then to "Mis Documentos"; "Certificado de vacunación covid 19"; and "Ver Credencial".

Another option is to download the application Vacunate PBA .... appointments "attended" and to be attended will appear on the home page. There is as well all the data of the citizen and the proof of having received the vaccine against Covid-19, with the specification of the date on which it was applied
....Finally, and as explained by official sources, it will also be valid to directly present the cardboard receipt that is given to all persons after receiving the vaccine.

Where do I report errors in my credential?
Those people who see a certificate and have not been vaccinated or the credential has errors in their data or that of the vaccine, the error may be reported to the national health system for it to be analyzed and together with the corresponding jurisdiction to make any rectification that may be necessary.


22 July 2021 at 2:15am by Carlos Pagni
The revelation of the most desperate crossroads of the Gov't. The letter from Cecilia Nicolini to the CEO of the Russian Fund for Direct Investment showing the state in which the Gov't is in relation to the most forceful bet of its immunization plan: Sputnik V; exclusive material from LA NACION.



Some key take aways from the email from the Argentine government to the Russian Direct Investment Fund regarding issues concerning Sputnik V in Argentina:

Regarding urgent need for second doses:

"We need urgently at least 1 Million to inoculate elderly people this weekend."

Regarding pediatric protocols and mixing vaccines:

"Moreover, we just issued a presidential decree that enables us to sign contracts with American companies ... Proposals and deliveries are for this year and also include pediatrics which is another vantage. We asked your team to share a protocol for pediatrics so we could run a study here but we still didn’t receive anything. Also we are still waiting for the vaccine cocktail results with Astra, but I guess it’s still on going since January that you informed us about this. We have started studies on our own."

Regarding quality control checks of locally produced doses and Argentine government request to fast-track the process:

"We only asked to have the first results before July 9th which is a very important date for us, Independence Day, which means a lot... It’s July 7th and is still not ready and will not be ready for the 9th as the President kindly asked, following the days needed... we hoped that you would be specially on top of this, was the only and most important request from President Fernandez, and again a disappointment for him and the country."

Regarding contract structure and "alternative" payment requests:

"I would like to add, that someone of your production team is asking Richmond to ask the Ministry of Health to invoice and receive the full payment for the doses produced here. As you can understand, we are not able to change our contact, and even less having a local intermediary in this and paying a grossing up for taxes."

"Remember that we were able to sign a contract in the first place because the RDIF and Human Vaccine are entities controlled by the Russian State, so it was a state-to-state agreement...But payment and responsibilities regarding indemnities and production are between us and Human Vaccine/RDIF."

Regarding fulfilment of contract and relationship in general:

"At this point the entire contract is at risk to be publicly cancelled."

"But now, 7 months after, we are still very behind, while we are starting to receive doses from other suppliers in a regular basis, with schedules that are fulfilling."

"Soon, a new study will be published in a peer-to-peer review magazine about efficacy, effectiveness after 6 months and response to new variants. We responded always doing everything possible for Sputnik V to be a major success, but you are leaving us with very little options to continue fighting for you and this project! And as I also mentioned once, we are facing legal prosecution due to these delays as public officials, putting at risk our government."


In more positive news according to MoH and LN dashboards more than 50% of all Argentines have now received at least one dose of the vaccine:

Top three provinces for application of first dose:
1. CABA = 59.21%
2. Neuquen = 55.5%
3. San Luis = 54.95%
(PBA = 49.7% / National Average = 50.41%)

Top three provinces for application of second dose:
1. La Pampa = 18.53%
2. CABA = 18.41%
3. San Luis = 15.15%
(PBA = 12.07% / National Average = 12.78%)

Top three provinces for application of vaccines received to date:
1. La Pampa = 99%
2. San Luis = 98%
3. CABA/ Neuquen = 97%
(PBA = 87% / National Average = 86.67%)


22 July 2021 at 2:15am by Carlos Pagni
Got as far as "Ideal para leer con un trago de vodka y kazachok, bajito, de fondo", I suspect the, ahem, "reporter" had more than a few traguitos while writing that God-awful gossip article. La Chusma Nación surpassed itself once more.

Here's a non-yellow-press version of events: