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16 July at 9:50am
Argentina exceeds 36 million doses over the weekend. This is the sixth of the ten planned trips from Beijing under the Sinopharm agreement. They are added to the 3.5 million Moderna vaccines donated by the US that will arrive on Saturday.

A new Aerolineas Argentinas flight will arrive this afternoon from China with a shipment of 768,000 Sinopharm vaccines against Covid-19, which will be added to the 32 million doses received since the start of the immunization plan. With the vaccines that will arrive in the country this weekend by a donation from the North American government, Argentina will exceed 36 million doses by the weekend. The one this
afternoon will be the sixth of the ten trips planned for July to complete 8 million doses, within the framework of the contract signed with the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp for a total of 24 million vaccines until September....


16 July 2021
COVID-19 Vaccines May Give Strong Long-Term Protection, according to Oxford University Study. Scientists from the English university did research with colleagues from Switzerland. They published it in the journal Nature Immunology. They identified a mechanism that causes viral vector-based vaccines, such as those from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Russia's Sputnik V, to give robust and durable responses....

....One of the authors of the work was Paul Klenerman, Sidney Truelove Professor of Gastroenterology in the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford....The ultimate goal of vaccination is the induction of long-term protection of the immune system through both antibodies and memory T cells.“ This research helps us to better understand the vaccination process and why the effects on T cells, cytotoxic lymphocytes, are so long," he said. The researchers demonstrated that adenovirus vectors can target specific cells - known as stromal cells in tissues such as the lung - generating antigen "pools" in these long-lived cells. At first it was thought that these stromal cells only provided an inert scaffold to the tissues, but now it seems that they are very dynamic cells with an important role in the control of the immune system....Another of the authors of the work was Burkhard Ludewig, professor at the University of Zurich and director of the Medical Research Center of the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gall, in Switzerland....
....On Wednesday, another finding had been published: It was discovered that the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Johnson & Johnson Company that only requires one dose can provide protection for at least 8 months. According to researchers from Argentina, this result could indicate that the booster doses would not be necessary before one year of receiving the full vaccination schedule, as reported by Infobae. The investigation was conducted by researchers at Harvard University's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the US with colleagues from the Johnson & Johnson research center in the Netherlands. The vaccine, whose technical name is Ad26.COV2.S, is based on a viral vector platform. Twenty people who had received the vaccine dose and 5 participants who received a placebo participated. The work was published in the New England Journal of Med


15 July 2021 at 11:43pm by Jose Maria Costa
Sputnik V and Sinopharm generate high cellular immunity in more than 80% of cases, according to Conicet. LA NACION accessed the data of the study that measures T lymphocytes, an indicator of the long-term protection that the body develops against a virus....At least a dozen studies were released in recent months on the effectiveness and efficacy of different vaccines against Covid-19 to generate antibodies, and on the time that these would last with a dose and a complete scheme. But few were the investigations that focused in the "lymphocytes T", commonly called "cellular immunity"....


5 May 2021

2 June 2021
A plant vaccine against the coronavirus will be tested in Argentina....Dr. Gonzalo Pérez Marc, Chief of Maternal-Child Research and Education at the Hospital Militar Central Cirujano Mayor Dr. Cosme Argerich. He explained how the Phase III process will be, in which more than 3,500 volunteers will participate. The start of the investigation was approved by ANMAT on May 14th....

....“It is a new, very innovative synthetic platform. Its production is within a plant: by introducing the DNA of the virus. The plant with that DNA produces the protein," The physician related that “when you introduce it into the vaccine, it has the advantage that it is very similar to the virus but it cannot infect you because it does not have a virus. It allows you to generate a very long-lasting immune response and highly neutralizing antibodies." "The idea is that the effectiveness is proven for a few months, perhaps through September. From there it can be scaled to production," he said....

My addendum: He is the Argentine pediatrician who played a central role in the local Pfizer vaccine trial - along with the infectologist, Dr. Fernando Pollack.


17 July 2021
The recommendation received by the Gov't on who to apply the doses of Moderna. Marta Cohen, an Argentine pediatric pathologist living in England, met this week with the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, during her visit to the UK and told she suggested to which groups the Moderna vaccines that were donated yesterday by the US to Argentina.

In an interview with Radio con Vos, the pathologist recounted details of the talk, which she described as "very productive." "Vizzotti expressed the desire to vaccinate children at risk and I told her the need to vaccinate the siblings who live with these children," said Cohen, and recalled that there is an estimated 100,000 children between 12 and 17 years with comorbidities who wait to be immunized in the country. In addition, she said that she changed her vision regarding moving forward with the vaccination of all minors, and considered that, at this stage, it is more important that the entire world population over 18 years of age be vaccinated first.

“The percentage of death in minors is 0.17 per 100,000 inhabitants. That is why the WHO asks that in countries where there are plenty of vaccines and progress is made with the youngest, they give those doses to adults from other countries. You have to weigh who needs these vaccines the most, to reduce global mortality," said Cohen. In total, Argentina received 3.5 million doses of Moderna's vaccine yesterday, which are used to immunize 1.75 million people.

In this context, the health professional added another group: "Pregnant and lactating women should also be vaccinated with Moderna, which has already been tested and is approved by the WHO for these groups," she added. "In the meeting with Vizzotti we talked about the situation of the pandemic, that more tests are needed and how we could implement a new protocol to prevent sudden infant death," Cohen said about the issues discussed at the meeting, which took place on Wednesday. "There was talk of changing the production of the AstraZeneca vaccine in combination with Mexico to be carry it out entirely in Argentina," she added....

....Now, national authorities are working to speed up the fate of vaccines. The Gov't itself is "expectant" to advance in the inoculation of people between 12 and 17 years of age. However, for that to happen, the final approval of the North American regulatory authority, the FDA, is first necessary. According to estimates, the green light will arrive "in the next few days." And then, "they will advance with the vaccination in that age range," as assured by Casa Rosada.


19 July 2021
Vizzotti's response to Marta Cohen's claim: "I told her that more tests had to be done and she smiled". "I don't know why there is little testing, because there are the possibilities to do the tests. Conicet should lead this," said the Argentine doctor in the UK....Then, and focusing on the incidence of tests to detect the presence of Covid-19, she explained that if it is not increased, there are cases that "no one will know where they are, that they infect and continue to snowball." We have to prepare so that in a month, at least, there will be a significant increase in the number”.

"I commented on the need to vaccinate siblings who live with "vulnerable children", she clarified and explained: "At this time we must prioritize. First, those over 18 years of age, vulnerable children and siblings of vulnerable children."

Cohen acknowledged, this time in an interview with Todo Noticias, having also expressed to the Minister of Health that "there are no inconveniences with combining vaccines because they are all directed against the same region of the virus." In the last sections of the television dialogue, the Argentine doctor questioned: "The WHO failed, it was not prepared for a pandemic.
There was no method, no aid system. Each one did what it could, that's why there was inequality."


19 July 2021
2.1 million vaccines will arrive of AstraZeneca and Sinopharm. Two Aerolineas Argentinas flights will land at 6:00pm, coming from the US and China, with those shipments. In the next 48 hrs. the gov't will send three more flights to Beijing.

With this shipment, the gov't projects to exceed the 37 million doses received. The reported detail is as follows:
Sputnik V: 11,868,830 (9,375,670 for component 1 and 2,493,160 for component 2)

Sinopharm: 10,608,000
AstraZeneca – Covishield: 580.000
AstraZeneca (COVAX Initiative) 1.944.000
AstraZeneca - Oxford (active ingredient made in Argentina): 7,790,900

Moderna (donated by the US): 3,500,000
The final number is 36,291,730 doses. They will be joined by 1,349,700 from AstraZeneca and 768,000 from Sinopharm, that will land in the country today.

Aerolineas Argentinas also confirmed this morning the departure of the ninth flight to the People's Republic of China. With this flight, there would only be one remaining that would depart on Tuesday, July 20, to complete the 10 air transfers of vaccines announced to bring 8 million doses this month. "At this moment we have three planes simultaneously carrying out vaccine loading operations. It is a great effort but it is also a great joy because there are millions of new doses arriving," said Pablo Ceriani, head of the flag carrier....

....According to the Monitor Publico de Vacunacion, until July 19, 30,295,044 doses of vaccines were distributed throughout the territory, while 27,430,531 were applied. Of this total, there are 22,030,134 people inoculated with the first dose, and 5,400,397 have the complete immunization schedule.


Also from tomorrow at 08:30, all adults over 18 years of age can register for vaccination.

You will find the link to register here.

For some good news according to LN:
72,4% de los porteños mayores de 18 años ya se administró al menos una dosis. De ese total, 530.367, que representan el 22% de la población con 18 años o más, completaron la inmunización con el segundo componente.

That seems like good civic behavior from most porteños to me! Much better participation rates than some other places in the world with voluntary vaccination schemes.
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21 July 2020 at 12:17pm
Sinopharm vaccine induces weaker antibody responses against Delta variant. A study presented today concludes that the people who received it had a reduction of 1.38 times compared to the original virus.

BEIJING - The Sinopharm vaccine against Covid-19 elicited weaker antibody responses against the Delta variant, according to the first published study of its effect against the most contagious version of the virus. Antibody levels in people who received Sinopharm's BBIBP-CorV vaccine in Sri Lanka were reduced 1.38-fold to the Delta variant compared to the version of the coronavirus first identified in Wuhan....

....The study was prepared by scientists from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, as well as the Colombo Municipal Council in Sri Lanka and the University of Oxford in Great Britain. The rest of the vaccines approved by the WHO have also shown less effectiveness against the Delta variant. The vaccine from Sinopharm - the company whose formal name is China National Pharmaceutical Group - also showed a more pronounced 10-fold decrease in antibody levels against the Beta variant, first found in South Africa, according to the study, published prior to the peer review.

The researchers said they found no significant differences in the levels of antibodies to the two variants in the blood serum of vaccinated people compared to those who had been naturally infected. This suggests that the Sinopharm vaccine could induce antibody-based responses against the two variants similar to the levels seen after natural infection, according to the paper. The two-dose vaccine is one of the most widely used in China against Covid-19, and Sinopharm agreed to provide up to 170 million doses to the global COVAX vaccine exchange program until mid-2022. Argentina is one of the countries that includes it in its vaccination campaign.