Cristina's New Party... Frente Unidad Ciudadana Kirchnerista


Cristina could be president in two years,... of the prison yard she's going to be sent to.
President of a country ?,... never. Don't you read the newspapers? follow the news?
With all my respect, your questions made me laught.
The newspapers are not printing news nowadays.

In fact, when CFK won by 54%, according to Clarin, Lilita Carrio was going to win easily while she got about 2%.


Cristina's has a new party... Frente Unidad Ciudadana Kirchnerista !!!
I think the acronym says it all. :eek:

Ok,... I added the Kirchnerista at the end.
What's life without a little mischief.
You are wrong.
The FTP was an alliance where you found the left of the peronism (the K), the extreme right of peronismo like Fischetto (nazi) or Duhalde (conservative peronism) (Nestor K Presidency was sponsor by Duhalde), Scioli and Menem (free market -fake- peronism) the radicalism alfonsinista (center left socialism democracy friendly) the UCD represented by Insaurralde and Massa (right free market conservative liberal/tarian party), Lousteau (radicales not alfonsinistas) and some piqueteros (anti democracy) like that where the consequense of the 2001 and the American indian party (Milagro Sala).

At the new alliance you do not find the most questionable people of the FPV like the people from La Campora that were a big dissapointment like Ottavis (he competes with Randazzo at the PJ), Persico or Dellia (the last 2 piqueteros, the first is now with Macri, the second was supporting Iran) Fischeto (Nazi now with Macri), Duhalde (they used to say he was a Narco Patron, Now with Macri), Lousteau (was later with Macri and the scandal of the weapons feom the US).

Abal Medina (his familly belongs to the left peronism) is not there neither but you find some sectors of the peronism that where the opposition during the FPV like Rodriguez Saa (peronismo federal).

Now Ocaña (Now with Macri), Massa, Lousteau, Menem, Duhalde, Fischetto, Ottavis, Aval Medina among others left the FPV so the new alliance is completely different.


I never was a fan of Cristina Fernandez Kirchner as president. I would have voted for Mauricio Macri in 2015 if I had been eligible. I'm learning and changing my opinion.

Political term limit for the head of state/government of Argentina:
Two consecutive 4-year terms. Every former President, if they have already served two consecutive terms in a row, has to wait one complete 4-year term, until they can be re-elected into two consecutive 4-year terms as President of Argentina again.

Cristina can make a comeback.

This report about the Atlas Network is disturbing.