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Sep 22, 2012
Thursday, 04 March

What are we Drinking?[SaltShaker]
A few more recent tasting notes: Santa Julia Extra Brut , Mendoza – Part of the Familia Zuccardi vineyards group – pale straw color, plenty of fine bubbles, this is an interesting spar...

Government Loses Control of Senate[The Argentimes]
President Cristina Kirchner has suffered the double blow of losing control of the Argentine Senate and also having her nomination for head of the central bank, Mercedes Marco del Pont, rejected. Kirch...

What Happens When Pub Crawl Throws a Blow-OUT![LandingPadBA]
What could be crazier than the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl, an all-night, bar-hopping, booze-fest among friends new and old? Well, a party for singles looking to get drunk on Valentine’s Day sponsored by ...

Wednesday, 03 March

Heaven and Hell: El (Super)Clásico de Avellaneda[The Argentimes]
El Superclásico, played every year between Boca Juniors and River Plate, is rightly acclaimed as one of the world’s sporting highlights. Just over the Riachuelo in nearby Avellaneda however, the game ...

Colección de Arte Amalia LaCroze de Fortabat[The Argentimes]
The Colección de Arte Amalia LaCroze de Fortabat is the latest and greatest display of art in Buenos Aires’ Puerto Madero – but don’t make the mistake of calling it a museum. The newest gallery of pai...

Teatro Colon presents free ballet performances[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
As of Friday 5th March 2010, the Ballet of Teatro Colon, under the direction of Lidia Segni, will offer a series of performances with free admission as part of the summer season, to be held in the...

Guy Builds Massive House with Recycled Glass Bottles(Video)[Tree Hugger]
Tito Ingenieri, a character Quilmes, about an hour south from Buenos Aires, has built a massive home made entirely from beer bottles and trash.

Argentina coup as Hillary Clinton calls for Falklands talks[Times Online]
Argentina was celebrating a diplomatic coup yesterday in its attempt to force Britain to accept talks on the future of the Falkland Islands, after a two-hour meeting in Buenos Aires between Hillary Clinton and President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Tuesday, 02 March

Buenos Aires Through The Eyes of Film[Gringo in Buenos Aires]
The following is a guest post by Christi Hedke from BananaWho.com , a wonderful film blog. When it comes to South American cinema , don’t let Brazil steal all the thunder! Here are 5 films t...

Life's Necessities: Puchos & Golosinas[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
Puchos are cigarettes and golosinas are candies. Direct & to the point. On Avenida de los Incas in Saavedra.

The Best Bean, the Right Bus Stop, the Perfect Cookie[A Broad in Buenos Aires]
My occasional obsessiveness serves me well in a city that requires pitbull tenacity to get anything accomplished. For instance, there was the Starbucks Death March. I needed beans ... so at high noon...

My First Police Shake Down (Coima)[Tourist2townie Blog]
As we pulled through the toll on our way back to Montevideo from Punta del Este we were waved down by a police officer standing behind the booth. It was Thursday afternoon, the sun was out an...

Art and Community Development in Barracas[LandingPadBA]
How does art connect to community development? A neighborhood organizer from Chicago contacted my Buenos Aires traveler’s concierge service recently asking about art tours in the lesser known neighbor...

Monday, 01 March

Inflation and How It Affects Us[Investing and Doing Business in Argentina]
Today I received an email from a college student, looking to interview me about inflation and how it affects all of us living in Argentina. I thought this would be a good topic to post a blog entry on...

Mozarteum Argentino presents 2010 Concert Season[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Mozarteum Argentino , the private non-profit musical institution created in 1952, and one of the most important of its kind in Argentina, presents its program of concerts for the 2010 season...

Steve McCurry expo[Buenos Aires Daily]
I took these 2 pictures last week during the expo inauguration of some 120 pictures from Steve McCurry. The expo is opened till end of March. For photography lovers, the expo is worth a visit.

What the Debate Should Be About[Newsweek]
I got sick in South America, and I realized what the health-care debate in this country should be about: costs...Now, Argentina is no role model. Their system is as much of a mash-up as ours. They spent a lot of money, proportionally (about 11 percent of GDP compared with 17 percent for us).

Baby survives shot to chest in parents' murder-suicide pact blamed on global warming
[NY Daily News]
A seven-month-old girl miraculously survived alone for three days after one of her parents shot her in the chest - apparently as part of a bizarre murder-suicide pact blamed on global warming.

Sunday, 28 February

Two Bald Men; One Comb, Pt 2.[GoodAirs]
Yesterday's Guardian offered a nice roundup of history of the Anglo-Argentine Malvinas/Falklands dispute recently disinterred by Los K upon the arrival of petroleum rigs in the islands (oil sur...

Saturday, 27 February

Don Quixote (Coldplay’s New Song)[Up to our ears]
Coldplay debuted a new song last night in Buenos Aires called Don Quixote (Video).
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