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Sep 22, 2012
Saturday, 23 May

Argentina: The superpower that never was [Financial Times]
There was no individual event at which Argentina’s path was set on a permanent divergence from that of the United States of America. But there was a series of mistakes and missteps that fit a general pattern

Friday, 22 May

ArteBA[Buenos Aires through my eyes]
The biggest contemporary art fair is open till Sunday. It is a good chance to see some local art and to measure how cool you are compared to all the hipsters that go every year to this event. If y...

Thursday, 21 May

Los Desaparecidos[The Life Less Travelled]
These colourful plaques can be seen in the pavement all around Buenos Aires, Argentina. This post is an explanation of their significance.

San Telmo Grub[GoodAirs: More than a bad translation of "Buenos Aires"]
Defensa a Sur ( Clarín ) There's an interesting piece in today's Clarín noting that the chi-chi resto boom that's hit Palermo, Recoleta and other parts of Buenos Aires has landed in San Te...

Reserva Ecologica - Burn Zone[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
Fires are not uncommong in Buenos Aires' Reserva Ecologica, a large nature park just to the south/east of downtown. Last weekend I came across a large burn section that is recovering. I was at...

Barter Clubs are Back[As Belgrano Byrnes...]
Barter Clubs are back in Buenos Aires. Last Saturday, I visited one in the gritty rustbelt town of Isidro Casanova, about 45 minutes west of downtown Buenos Aires. I filed a report about it for C...

A Tale of Two Sicilies[SaltShaker]
We love Sicily. It is the perfect place to just relax - eat, read and not worry about the stress of work. And we always come back with so many ideas. It is very magical.” - Domenico Do...

Wednesday, 20 May

Riding Juan Perón’s Coffin[The Argentimes]
The outpouring of grief and solidarity this April for Raúl Alfonsín, the president who brought Argentina back to democracy in the early 1980s, was an impressive event to see. The ceremony brought to m...

The King is Dead, Long Live the King? The Alfonsín Effect[The Argentimes]
Argentines have always had a predisposition towards political necrophilia. Thirty-five years after his death, Juan Domingo Perón still weighs heavily on Argentine politics. It is no surprise, then, th...

Japan pays tribute to Argentina[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On May 25th , an historical and significant national holiday in Argentina (the celebration of May Revolution), the Federation of Nikkei Associations in Argentina (FANA), together with the Argenti...

Tuesday, 19 May

Argentina to Build Most Powerful Solar Energy Park in Latin America[ECO Worldly]
In the western Argentinian province of San Juan, the provincial government has authorized the development of what will be the most powerful solar energy park in Latin America to date.

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