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Sep 22, 2012
Saturday, 02 May

Mozarteum Argentino presents concerts by Orchestre de la Suisse Romande[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Mozarteum Argentino , a private non-profit institution promoter of musical culture both in Argentina and South America, presents the second event of its 2009 season, consisting of two concerts by O...

Fear and Loathing in Lake Huechulafquen[Argentina's Travel Guide]
I departed Buenos Aires by bus on Wednesday at 8 PM and arrived in Neuquen, western Patagonia , late the following morning. From there, we traveled to Junín de los Andes vaguely knowing the area...

Buenos Aires Ranks 81 In Quality Of Living Survey[The Argentine Post]
Buenos Aires ranks 81st out of 215 cities for its “quality of living,” according to a survey published this week by the global human resources company Mercer. Buenos Aires slipped three......

Homeless Art[Buenos Aires through my eyes]
One of my favorite organizations in BA ; Arte sin Techo ( it translates "roofless art") opened an exhibition a week ago and it´ll be open till May 21st. So, the artists are all homeless...

Friday, 01 May

Best and Worst Things about Buenos Aires[Buenos Aires Tips]
What are the best things about Buenos Aires, the things that make the city such a popular and much-loved travel destination? How about the worst things? What follows is a personal list — pur...

Depeche Mode To Play BA In October[The Argentine Post]
Depeche Mode will be playing in Buenos Aires on October 17. Tickets go on sale May 19, according to the band’s official website. I’ll update this post with details about where to buy them....

Rush Limbaugh Slams Argentine ‘Barack Perón’[The Argentine Post]
U.S. talk radio celebrity and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh on Thursday slammed President Barack Obama for the U.S. government’s involvement in the failing automobile company...

Thursday, 30 April

Malba - Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (Latin American Art Museum)[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Malba - Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (Latin American Art Museum) is one of the newest museums in Buenos Aires. It opened its doors in September 2001. Malba is a non-profit insti...

Wednesday, 29 April

Daily Pic(s) 143 : Spicy sauces in a Taco Restaurant[The Silver River - Buenos Aires Daily]
Labels on both sides to help you find the sauce you're best suited to. Predictably the mildests is best "For Argentines". Sweet.

Museo de la Caricatura: Tickle Your Funny Bone[The Argentimes]
Wall to wall paintings, drawings and comic strips. Upon entering the Comics and Caricatures museum in San Telmo, you are immediately bombarded with the best of Argentine illustrative talent from the l...

California Burrito Company – Born in the USA[The Argentimes]
Are you often in a rush at lunchtime and want to get some fast food, but not a grease-covered excuse for a burger? Do you like to know exactly what you are stuffing down your neck? California Burrito ...

Forum on Guevara just part of U.S. rebranding[Miami Herald]
U.S. taxpayers funded the discussion at the Buenos Aires 35th International Book Fair of the Argentine revolutionary who dedicated his life to armed struggle against capitalism and imperialism ...
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