Debate on Craiglist on Expats in BsAs


Aug 10, 2006
I was just amused reading an argument going on on Craigslist: looks like some real estate agents or landlords are very pissed at expats trying to bargain the rental prices. They are basically assuming that all expat students are alcoholic, cheap, go on sexual tours, illegally sublet properties, are filthy, destroy everything, take trips to watch the whales....LOL I find this very amusing ;) Any comments?
You need to click the various links such as $1, $2, $666, etc.

I found it somewhat amusing. Glad there is someone out there properly debating our (the expat) side. Good Spanish to boot.
This posting indicates it is process of being moved:

The debate postings I see are all in Spanish however...

I look forward to reading it but from what you say, I see this same attitude by property owners everywhere. The attitude that they are entitled to a certain amount for their property - whether they are selling it or renting it - an extreme sense of entitlement.

In the USA, many owners asking unrealistic prices have ended up in foreclosure.

This attitude is not surprising given the housing bubble that has also existed across the globe. It will take years for prices to readjust. The smart owners will sale or rent at market prices. The stupid ones will watch their properties sit vacant. Many of them will need to take second jobs because of their foolish pride and sense of entitlement.

I must admit to a great schandenfreude in watching greedy property owners suffer - regardless of their nationality.
I guess for what I read these landlords assume that all students coming here are rich ( because they go to private Universities ) I guess they don´t know that Uni is not free everywhere and that some parents start saving for this as soon as their kids are born...
...and that a lot of students are studying on academic scholarships
...and that some schools don't include housing in the abroad scholarship
...and that even if the student, or anyone for that matter, is rich, its pretty crappy to take advantage of someone financially. Mala onda.
Rents in Buenos Aires in many cases are unjustified and overpriced. I have seen literally hundreds of rental apartments and only 20 percent are fit for humans.

If the apartment is well furnished with all facilities of good standard it is a wise decision to rent instead of hotel . Make sure that you take a look first before you accept a long term rental . Photos are never 100 percent accurate.
This is not cool, I wrote something on craigslist too, I replied to those crazy home owners, being very respectful, still they flagged my post and craigslist deleted it, but all the other ones are still there! That makes me not wanna be respectful !! hmmm
Well you can always flag them ;) I am with the one woman married to a foreigner :)
The situation in BA is a bit different because unlike in most of the rest of the world properties here are not bought as an investment but as a way to protect yourself against economic turmoil, devaluations, etc

Because of this a typical homeowner owns many properties and does not care about the ROI, they won't even do the necessary maintance, etc. That's why there are so many sub-par properties on the rental market.

This eventually will backfire, the foreign arrivals so far this year are about 20% down, many Argentinian students from the interior are not studying in BA. Within a year or maybe 2 Argentina will be back to a situation in most of the 90's where many properties were empty. In my opinion it will be like in the south of Spain where you can be very lucky if you can rent out your property 2 or 3 months a year. And with the constant price increases they are going to suffer.

Right now the temporary rental market has an occuptation rate of about 30 to 40% and this have to go down.