Dental Implants

I have the opposite experiencia with EU materials. I had a carbon fiber cap screw made in spain that was a disaster and had to be replaced here. The "labor force" here seems to be better. It is all about the skills of your dentist.
Could someone update me on prices of IMPLANTS? I believe in addition to the implant there is another step (abutment) before the crown. Also what are approximate crown costs? I am interested in quality work, not the lowest price.
Call Dr Pelcman, he will quote at price to you and give you all the details. I do recommend him. No I am not related and yes he did work on mine and my husband's teeth. My Seattle dentist said Pelcman does quality work.
I went to the famous Dr. Pelcman last year and I paid USD1000. I wanted a sure bet and I got it. My bone didn't leave any room to chance since I was dealing with a bad crown made 20 years ago. The dental clinic part of my hospital network charged less than half, but I got a bad vibe from the place.
does he have CEREC device to do same day crowns?
The implant in Southern Europe is about 1000 euros. In SF, the standard price is $5000. Some dentists in the poor bario of California can do it for $1500. Bone grafting is the major cost in US, sticking a screw in the bone is the last step. It only fails because the bone is not dense enough ( dead people's bone)
When you speak of the cost of an implant I assume this is the cost only of inserting the titanium screw. The cost of the crown over the implnt is not included in this price, right?