Dental Implants

I can only praise Dr. Pelcman's work. I had a root canal done between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Initially I went to my health insurance's dental emergency clinic because I had an infection, but I wasn't too convinced by that place. Extractions and implants prices were cheaper, but also the people sitting in the waiting room. So my decision to go to Dr. Pelcman was just because of gut's feeling and because he had been highly recommended on multiple occasions on this forum and I didn't want to risk the little bone I had left.
If there is something I am willing to go on the expensive side, that's dental health.

He gives appointments quickly (much quicker than with my health insurance providers) which is a big plus as nobody wants to live with a diseased or hurting mouth.
On the first visit, he asked me how long I was staying in Bs. As. I told him I live here.
He is used to deal with dental-tourists in Buenos Aires that he will fit your treatment plan around your schedule. Besides, as somebody says, every case is different and it is up to the professional to decide which treatment approach to use. He left my bone heal to implant on my healed bone. I suppose that he might opt for bone graft when time is an issue.

Always on the first visit, he x-rayed my tooth with a USB device. On the spot!!!! I was sitting in the same chair where the consultation was being carried out. At the dental clinic of my health provider they used the old X-ray machine which needed to be printed.

I had the extraction (I believe it was 700 or 800 pesos) and then the implant for $1,000 USD which included everything. Final price.
He even visited me for free when I had a doubt after everything was done. You can't tell I have a fake tooth. I am very please with the results and my experience has been very positive.

Dr. P. did the extraction (painless!), when his son Martin took charge and during the fitting and adjustment session I had a female dentist.

For me, the experience with Dr. P.'s office was very smooth. The man has golden hands and a big brain, his time is valuable and he knows how to get straight to the point. He won't keep you sitting in his waiting room just to overcharge your bill. The managerial aspect was a BIG plus for me, as I didn't want to waste my time going several times for nothing. They even call you in advance for a friendly reminder of your appointment. It was a neat work, very straightforward and the process was extremely clear. In Buenos Aires, this is NOT a given.

When you say you paid u$s 1,000 for the implant you mean the implant alone and not abutment and crown?
When you say you paid u$s 1,000 for the implant you mean the implant alone and not abutment and crown?
I wrote final price everything included. So yes, it included the abutment and the crown. And I asked him to use the best quality possible as money was not an issue. This was at the end of 2016, so the price might have increased by now.
so he used a Swiss implant? Or the best he had available? From what someone posted here he used a national implant that the dentist in the US had never seen and couldn't work with.
Dr. Pelcman and Martin have performed several root canals and implant for me the last five years and I can't say enough good things about the Pelcman family. I had a peri implantitis on one of my implants and even though I was in NY and didn't plan on returning to Buenos Aires to treat it, Dr. Pelcman told me how it needed to be treated and even sent an email to my dentist in NY explaining the type of treatment that would heal the infection thus preventing the loss of the implant. I saw five dentists and not one would even consider Dr. Pelcman's treatment. He wanted to save the implant and all the North American dentists wanted to extract it, do a bone graft, and then another implant. It would have cost $5,000 just for the bone graft alone. I flew to Argentina and Martin treated the implant in two weeks. I returned to NY and had x rays done several months later and the infection was gone. Thank you Pelcman family.
I don't know where the steel of the screw was from, but the crown he does it in his lab at his office. That's what he told me.
It's not that simple. I asked the dentist this question yesterday. The answer was that in Argentina the industry is not well developed and that there are many imperfections in manufacturing implants here. Some are OK and work well but the dentist explained that their practice won't use them as there is a degree of risk so they only use the highest quality implants which are manufactured in Switzerland.
When I was about to take a taxi home after Dr. Pelcman's first 8 surgeries that he performed on my first day with him, he gave me his home 'phone number and said, "If you have ANY problem at all, 'phone me at any time of the night. If you call me at 4am that doesn't matter. Call me. I'll come. You're my patient now, so it's my job to give you teeth. It's no longer your problem. It's mine now. I have to fix it."
I just wanted to chime in that I had implants done by Ramiro Rannalli (or at least, that clinic), and couldn't have felt better treated. This was 2-3 years ago now. Unfortunately I can't tell you the price as I was the patient of a 'student' doing a course there (so the actual implant procedure was attended by 7 'students' as well as Ramiro and a couple of others there!) but I only paid around US$200 (although my story is a miraculous one). I had to go for a few check-ups at times after the implants were put in, but before the crowns were put on, and they attended me for free. They were very caring (which you don't often get with free treatment!), and I felt like in the best of hands.