DNI - Argentino por opcion - No se encontraron tramites

Hi everyone,

I am new here and I realize that this is an expat status but asking here in case anyone else went through the same experience.

I recently got Argentine citizenship "por opcion" and applied for my DNI a couple of weeks back. Today, after 2 weeks passed, I checked the status of my DNI on https://argentina.gob.ar/consulta-el-estado-de-tramite-del-dni but it says No se encontraron tramites.

Does anyone here have experience with following the status of the DNI?

I was told to check in 2 weeks and to expect the DNI to be delivered by then but it seems that the paperwork doesn't even exist.

Any tips?

Rich One

IMHO your tramite is not uploaded yet in the gob.ar system.... Somehow your tramite is registered into a immigration area buffer, until the data is upgraded to gob.ar system , every so often.... Keep waiting for a while.
Did you receive the DNI? Because usually, if you schedule improperly the turn, you never get the DNI. Have you done the opcion at RENAPER or Court?
No I didn't receive the DNI. I did the process with RENAPER. They said all the papers were ok and gave me a constancia. I didn't get assigned a DNI number right there. They said it will take 2-3 weeks for me to get the DNI but that I could check the status before that online. But when I go online I see that it says it can't even find my tramite.

You think I should go back to 25 de Mayo 155?
Update. Called RENAPER today. They said the system doesn't really work, that the DNI is ready and I should get it next week. Thanks for your comments Rich One and Bajo_cero2.