DNI When married with an argentine..


Sep 4, 2007
Hello All;
Sorry to bring up the DNI q's again but I cant find the answer I'm loking for.
I'm Irish and have an argentine wife;I want to get a DNI so I can live and work down here.We are in Buenos aires but as of the moment I am relying on the trip to uruguay to renew the visa.This time round I think I'll go for the extend visa option.
Could someone tell me where to go for this?
Q2...I see lots of information on retiree/rentista visas or work visas etc but i was wondering is there anyone in the same situation as myself; with an argentine spouse who is applying for or has gone through the process of applying for the DNI.
Is it really all the hassle that everyone speaks of?
In Ireland we got married ; called the immigration office; went in for an appointment ;had a 10 minute chat; showed some papers and strolled out again .Job done no lawers/no fees/no never ending paperwork and lines..Papers arrived three days later along with a phone call checking to make sure they didnt get lost.Now I realize it isnt going to be that easy here but has anyone information as to where to start;phone numbers; addresses words of encouragement.I'd prefer to get the job done myself without dealing with ARCA or lawyers;surely it must be possible...???
thanks n regards
My husband is american, so I can relate. you will first need to apply for permanent residency at Migraciones ( you will need your birth and marriage certificates apostilled and translated by public translator legalised at the colegio de traductores publicos, a criminal check - for that you willl need to get your passport translated and legalised), once you get your permanent residency you can apply for your DNI, for that you will need your perm residency papers, birth certificate ( yes, you guessed apostilled, translated and legalised ) and after some months you will get your DNI. I estimate the whole process will take around a year or year and a half. nik
Hello Keech,

Yourself being a European, the following article in our National Constitution applies to you:

"Artículo 25- El Gobierno Federal fomentará la inmigración europea; y no podrá restringir, limitar ni gravar con impuesto alguno la entrada en el territorio argentino de los extranjeros que traigan por objeto labrar la tierra, mejorar las industrias, e introducir y enseñar las ciencias y las artes. "

An informal translation would read something like this " Article 25 - The Federal Government will foster European Immigration; and will be unable to restrict, limit or in any way tax the entry into Argentinian Territory of those foreign nationals whose objective is to farm, improve the industries, or introduce and teach the sciences and arts."In order to avoid the hassle that nikad described (which does take place), my advice is. get hold of a specialised notary (I can recommend one, who is a close friend of my lawyer's), who will make things a lot easier for you. I hope this helps,CheersErnie
Hello Keech,Following my earlier posting, you can call notary Ricardo Pinto at 4393-1553. He is reliable, and a specialist. He will make things a lot easier for you!.I hope this helps!CheersErnie