Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?


Except all the countries in Europe and Canada, Australia, Taiwan etc, where it absolutely does work much better than the alternative US capitalism.

Social democracy is not some uniquely Argentine thing.

Those who post here proscribing the end of unions, worker rights etc are quite clearly just Americans who can't envision any alternative to their own disastrous system, where the interests of capital always come first. But the fact is the rest of the world already sought out an alternative 80 years ago, and it works much better for the people than the US' good ol' "die because you can't afford healthcare, 20% poverty rates" system.

People do not exist to serve the needs of the economy, the economy exists to serve the needs of people.
I don't think anyone said there shouldn't be workers rights or unions.

The problem is that an Argentine union is not the same as a German or Swedish union.

The work ethic is not the same. The people are not the same. The level of honesty is not the same.

Argentina having a system similar to Canada or Norway on paper is not enough. The reason why "social democracy" is not working here has little to do with the mechanics or theory behind the system.

That's the point others were trying to make:

It doesn't actually matter what system is in place.

Whether you implement socialism, communism, "social democracy," or the "US' good ol' 'die because you can't afford healthcare, 20% poverty rates' system"... the end result is almost always the same in Argentina.

Also, there are many forum members commenting here who are not from the US. Your post comes off as bitter.

UK Man

Reading certain opinions on this thread just confirms my opinion why Argentina will forever remain a basket case.


And no "ultra" corruption before 2015? Do you believe that?
The corruption K asked for 5% brives to companies and protected the finances of the State. I was victim of a request of brives from a K Federal judge.

The M corruption spends 20% of the budges and the other 80% is missing (????). Instead of printing pesos for free financing of the State, they print Lebacs paying 60% interest and they buy them. Plus they took 150 billion usd loans to be able to capital flight. They also own the public services that increase the cost until 1000% so now, they get more pesos for the capital flight.
So, they do not ask for brives to companies because they are Ceos or owners of the companies. So, they fraud the State finances in half PBI per year.
So, yes, we rules by a mob.


Changes to unions are a very big part of the structural reforms that need to take place here. Union leaders from Spain have been astounded at the level of corruption and mafioso activity in unions here, even though back home (in Spain) after the crisis of 2008 the employment rate stayed higher longer than in many other countries because of the severance benefits (the best in Europe) for union workers. Companies weren't offering early retirement and hiring younger workers because of the tremendous costs of those severance packages.

The problem with unions here and elsewhere is that they obtain for workers benefits (in terms of money and benefits) that most folks don't enjoy and the costs get passed on everybody else.

Additionally they protect them in ways that undermine a healthy work ethic. I was a career teacher in the States. The states with teachers unions generally had the worst schools. Part of that was because it was almost impossible to fire a teacher. In places like NYC you have practically to rape a student to lose your job. I worked most of my career in a private school that did let bad teachers go but only after the administration had worked with those teachers extensively and seen no improvement. Every time that one of those fired teachers filed a complaint with the state labor bureau, the complaint was denied because the teachers had been treated fairly. There can be fair treatment of workers without unions.

Most Argentines think the schools were so much better before the teachers unions became so powerful. While those unions may not have obtained fabulous salaries for teachers, the have given them such protection that there is no real reason to do a good job, other than for a personal drive to do so. The absenteeism rate here is almost 30 percent in the province of BA. No reason kids are learning so little. When teachers are absent so often, students get the strong message that the whole endeavor doesn't really matter. Why should they care when the teachers don't? And don't get me started on the unions' support of students taking over schools.

In so many ways unions are a cancer in this country.


Friend was a director of a state school in the Province of BA. He speaks perfect English. One day he went into a classroom where a teacher was conducting an English class. He saw grammatical mistakes on the blackboard. The teacher could barely speak English. The director informed the teacher that she was to report to him the next morning and that they would have a meeting IN ENGLISH to discuss matters. The next day the teacher requested a transfer - didn't show for the meeting. Director told me that teacher standards have dropped seriously; also he says that there are loads of social problems in the schools. Broken families, alcoholism, drugs etc.


I am wondering if IMF payment is only used to pay current interest to the bonds ... With current reserves of Argentina, that is impossible... If argentina defaults, all the credit default swaps and insurance will kick in and that would be a catastrophe for the financial institutions that sold those instruments...

Also what and when is the corralito of USD here? Or is it a possibility?


They use it to a) pay interest of bonds and b) capital flight. This is why there is a lack of usd in the market that makes it skyrocket.


Make a note, record it and post it here. We will read it together right after the pig is impeached.
I just read an article the RepubliCONs are scared shitless and have a made a list of the investigations the democratic congress might call for in after November. They are also worried very worried about the peach thing. But Pence is equally as disturbing.