Mar 23, 2010
Hi! I was wondering if anyone around my age (23) wanted to meet up? I am not being ageist but I can't see anything for this age group, and I am trying to make some friends with similar interests (and missed the general meet up today).

If anyone new or old to the city would be interested, please reply and maybe we can arrange something? I thought i saw something on this before, but can't find the thread!

I am 23, from London, like cooking, dancing, art, cinema. I live here with my boyfriend, and study from home, so find it hard to meet people to make friends with (which is not the norm for me!).

Hope to hear from people
Hi Anushka,

From a previous post I noticed that you offer indian cooking lessons. My girlfriend (25) and myself (somewhat older) are keen cooks and know a lot of people here outside of the expat circle, mainly Argentines but also French, Italian etc...most speak reasonable English. By way of background, we have been here six months, live in BA but spend most of the day in the campo playing with our horses. Liz is also studying spanish at the UBA. So how would you fancy doing an Indian dinner party at our place, we will act as enthusiastic sou-chefs and obviously pay for all the ingredients and you and your boyfriend will get to meet a fairly eclectic bunch of people who know their way around this great city...we might even be able to design a dish that is not too fully flavoured for the Argentine palate.

Drop us a line if interested.

Hi Miles and Anushka!

I would love to meet you guys, for that dinner, given that I work in wine sector, I could bring the wine for everyone!

Let me know


That sounds great to me! My boyfriend is Argentine, and I use him as my guinea pig for tasty foods and how to not make them too spicy for local taste!

When would you be thinking of? My email is [email protected]

Let me know and we can arrange

PS I speak Spanish too, so language is not a problem!

Jules works in the wine sector.......that is a friend to have!!!! well I wish I wasnt so old... what a perfect friend to have with a good wine collection!!! hahaha
well hope you guys have a drink for me!!!! have a great meet-up ...........cheers....
Hi everyone!

I'd like to meet up for drinks (or even better Indian food!) sometime as well. I'm 24 and from the U.S. I've been here for a year and a half. My boyfriend is also Argentine (well, technically) so it would be great to meet some couples that speak Spanish. Let me know what you're thinking. We'd gladly chip in for a delicious home cooked Indian meal!

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are best for us (non polo days so we can get back to town earlier). If it suits, why don't we make it those who have already replied and some "non-expat" friends. Consensus for a day next week?
Hi everyone,

I am also very interested in meeting up for drinks (and spicy food). I am 22 and a medical student here (Argentine-American but raised in the US).

I think any day next week would be great!

If we meet at someone's place I am still up to bring some wines. Otherwhise, just meet at any pub!