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Nov 11, 2008
Hi there,

I've seen a few threads that mention that getting a drivers licence isn't too hard.

Where do I need to go? What do I need to take?

At least for American's, and I would imagine most other countries, getting an Argentine driver's license is not necessary so long as your license from home is not expired. I bought a car here about 9 months ago, and I just keep a copy of my passport in the glove box to backup my New York State drivers license.

But really...does anyone EVER get stopped by traffic cops in Buenos Aires?


p.s. watch the speed cameras on the autopista leaving from 9 de julio towards the north...
Well I guess you can use your license from your own country. But then never attempt to drive another persons car without a
" Cedula de Identificacion Para Autorizado a Conducir" which is an authorization from the owner of the car for you to drive it. Even if the owner is with you, one must have this card. Or you get a nice fine or worse a huge bribe roadside. You can get one with the owner and you going to the Policia or the Insurance company.
As for the drivers license here, unless you have a DNI, forget it.
Like is said on other posts, it pays to do the right thing. And getting a DNI is very easy, just call this man Gabriel Celano at 4342-9433 in BA,he got mine in 40 days, and it has to be renewed every year for 3 years.
He is honest and does not fleece his clients, unlike a lot of other SOBs.

Buying a car is no problem if you pay cash. But on time you need a DNI.

Oh, one other thing. Your drivers license is valid until you get stopped by one of those nice policia who decides it is not and then your in trouble again, at least dinero wise.
We were told by our car insurance have 30 or 60 days to drive on your U.S. and/or other countries drivers license...otherwise your insurance isn't valid if you get stopped or in an accident. My husband drove on his international license until it expired and then went through the "hoop jumping" to get his Argentine license. Since he had never had one here he had to take a class....yes really! It was for a few hours and just explained the rules of the they are ever followed. He had to take a written test and a driving test too, the material to study was crazy...way to much information but he said the test was not to difficult...missed 1 question, only because he didn't read it correctly. The funny thing was the instructor that went with him on his driving part was very impressed with his "defensive" he stopped at signs...didn't dart in and out of lanes...didn't run red lights and waited for a full green to go....yielded to the pedestrians...think the guy was in shock really!!!!

***and yes you have to have a DNI to do this...
As far as were to go...depends on where you live to locate a DMV...maybe check out your closest police station and ask them. Of course the written test is in English one available.
jedard et al,

How does this guy get a DNI in 40 days? I am a resident with a work visa, everything done 100% above the board and 100% legal, and it will be a total of about 13 months from the time my visa was issued to the time I get my DNI in March of 2009 and that was WITH contacts at the interior ministry who got my "turno" to submit all the paperwork. I realize this isn't the point of this thread, but I had to ask.
My hubby and I use an international drivers license until our DNI is complete. I want to know about the 40 days too? It will take us about 6-13 months.
I'm so glad to hear that getting a driver license will be a piece of cake.
I married an Argentinian (after 20 months of paperwork), was granted residency status (after 20 more months of paperwork & waiting), and have been waiting for the DNI since January 2007. They said it would be six months. . . then six months more. . . then six months more. . . etc.

So it will be nice to be able to get the driver license rapidly!

Is it a good idea to go to one of those driving schools?

Hi, im argentinian, and just reading on the net about drivers license information for foreigners which is very poor, get in this forum hoping to help someone, so, if you or anyone are still on the country just contact me for anything you need to know !
the Same to you Gayla ! love to get in touch with people of another countries! and just searching on the net found this forum, im glad to help out everyone on drivers license stuff or anything!
Damian !
inthesouth said:
Hi, im argentinian, i work on drivers license department in foreigners Area in BA, and just reading on the net about drivers license information get in this forum, so, if you are still on the country just contact me for anything you need to know !

Hi Damian,

Thanks and welcome to the forum!

Could you post here what the current requirements are for a foreigner to get a drivers license (DNI, etc.), and also describe what the procedure is and where to go? That would be very helpful information to us and others looking into this.

Thanks in advance.