Economists warn electing Milei would spell devastation

Rich One

Jul 17, 2012

Economists warn electing far-right Milei would spell ‘devastation’ for Argentina​

More than 100 economists including Thomas Piketty and Jayati Ghosh publish open letter ahead of country’s 19 November election
What do they call what's happening to Argentina now if not devastation?

The lack of self awareness is off the scale; this is straight out of an Onion or a Babylon Bee article. It is almost an endorsement of Milei

In other news

Thomas Piketty and Jayati Ghosh warn electing a non socialist government could cause food shortages, mass emigration and economic hardship for Venezuela.
We, won't have to worry about mILEI, because in the end, after his fraud allegations are dismissed, because their won't be any proof, Massa will be president, but we can consider what mILEI has done a scare, that's for sure. He will be like another mACRI, except 10 times worst.
To each its own. Those issues you mention have no place in this thread about economy.
Your statements are speculative at best, when you claim that Milei will be better for everyone else, especially when it contradicts what many people, including numerous economists, are saying. Furthermore, many people intend to vote against him.

You made a sweeping statement, asserting that Milei will be better for everyone else. When you combine this with your previous post, you are disregarding the significance of a woman's right to control her body and gay rights. These social issues are intertwined with the economy, particularly for those who are gay and pro-abortion. For instance, Milei might not provide job protections for gay people, or he may choose not to offer support to women seeking abortions. Therefore, I would argue that your statements are entirely incorrect.