English/American Libraries in Buenos Aires


Aug 28, 2008
Hello there!

Well I'm a 23-yo French guy (feeling a bit like an intruder here ;-)) and I'm moving to Buenos Aires next week. There are loads of topics about accommodation so i'm not going to ask about good/bad barrios again (though I must say I was planning on looking for a flatshare in San Telmo, but it doesnt seem such a good idea according to some of the posts I read..). I only wanted to know if there are good Anglo-American libraries in Buenos Aires (you know, with books in English and not in Spanish translation)? Are they public/open to everyone? cos I'm an Anglo-American literature student, and that would be really useful..
Also, I don't have many contacts in Buenos Aires, so if anyone fancies meeting up with a nice lonely French man ;)

Thanks a lot!
if you like there is a section in the "el ateneo"
its in av santa fe 1860 4813-6052
and its very very nice place
El Ateneo was once a theater and the interior is stunning. There are a few overstuffed chairs for reading and a cafe in the rear, but it is a bookstore, i.e....no books to lend.
Hi I can give you some information. The Lincoln American library is at Maipu 672 downtown, here is the webpage: www.bcl.edu.ar. As for bookshops which have lots of material in English , books of all kinds : KEL EDICIONES , SBS, ACME , LIBRERIA RODRIGUEZ. They all have webpages too , look for them in google.I forgot there is a British Library at AACI (Asociacion Argentina de Cultura Inglesa) Suipacha 1333 downtown (webpage:www.aaci.org.ar/nrc.htm) I hope this information is useful for you, anything you want just ask me. I was born here.