Estancia recommendation?


Mar 2, 2008
We are planning to go on a road trip to Cordoba and are looking for Estancias that maybe you can recommend? The ones on the web all seem to be full on $300+ per night each person tourist rate, which is over our budget. If they have farm polo, so much the better. Any ideas? Thanks Jon
the thing is that all the estancias are very expensive. They are mostly tourist oriented.
It happened that the old families owners of these estancias were not able to afford them anymore and then changed, opening them to public, but not for everybody. You can find almost real castles, and more simple ones, but still quite expensive. I'm a local, not an expat. I never went to a estancia for $ reason, I wonder if sometime I'll go...
look for a different kind of property: "casa de campo". These are smaller properties, simpler and more affordable, and probably you'll find the experience you are looking for.
Again, I didn't try any (but here I say YET). I was checking this weeking many for some visitors. I decided for "La China", but I cannot recommend it because I don't know it. Anyway, look for "casa de campo" and you'll get a more appropiate budget :)
I can't help you with anything near Cordoba right now, but I do want to let you know that there are places out there that are much cheaper.
I had some friends go to an estancia outside of Buenos Aires about an hour in March of 2007 and it was either US$50/night per person or it was US$100/night. But nothing close to US$300. Those are for the extranjeros from Europe and the US only. There should be plenty of nice ones cheaper than that. Let me email a friend and see what I can find out.