Events industry: looking for (graphic designers, caterers, photographers) rop

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Jul 12, 2009
I'm looking for to make contact with experienced individuals in the events industry in the following disciplines:

graphic design
venue managers (anything from restaurants to theatres that could be rented out for small private events)
meeting coordinators

And any other fields such as:
makeup artists
hair stylists
equipment rental
musicians (eg jazz trios, string quartets)
dj's with equipment

Please feel free to post yourself or anyone you know of (or PM me) with a link to an online portfolio (if applicable). Individuals should be living in BA; have previously worked (in their discipline) on events of corporate or professional nature (anything from film industry to meetings & conferences to weddings); and be able to communicate fluently in English (verbal).

Hi, I am a graphic designer, and your post is intriguing. Can you tell me more? Thanks!
Essentially, I'm trying to identify vendors in the above categories located in BA. From there, get to know them and their abilities to see if we've a match in terms of my needs.

As pertains to graphic design, while I know several designers in Montreal, I would prefer to work with one in BA while I am. Initially, some light design cleaning up a site (knowledge of CSS would be a plus) - and later, some pretty creative small pieces. Having a relationship with a printer located in BA would be ideal as well.

If you have a portfolio available, do send me a link via PM.
Are you an event planner who is relocating to BA? I'm still putting together an on-screen portfolio (I only have a hard copy, which has yet to be sent to me from the States), but will let you know as soon as I do. When will you be here?
No, I'm not an event planner (tho I've done some in the past, my own background is digital marketing & financial technology products). I'm developing a business model whose clients will require all the same services/vendors of an event planner. Not in BA yet but there as of the 30th.

I'm a performer (a singer, to be exact). I am a solid performer and also play the guitar. I would appreciate some information in more depth about the musicians you're seeking. I'm not living in BA yet, as I'm curretly in California, but have plans to move there and am seeking a career path. I am happy to submit some demos of my work. Any information is appreciated. Cheers.

I am a film art director, I have worked on it 5 years ago. I also have knoweldge in production and assistant direction. I do have a reel with my projects.
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