Expat lunch schedule?


Moonwitch said:
The Recoleta ladies that leisure expats :cool:. I'll take my blue collar elsewhere...
FYI: The lunch isn't anywhere close to Recoleta...

The restaurant is at Cabildo 930 just west of the Olleros station of linea D.

It is a tenador libre and the cost is about 28 pesos PLUS drink.

And please bring small bills...preferably nothing larger than 20's. It might be difficult to change for a 100 peso note...

It is customary to tip the guys working the parilla and the other station (2 pesos), and I always add 10% per person for the table server. If you don't include a tip it comes out of my pocket. I pay for my own lunch as well...only birthday boys and girls (if any) eat for free (but are charged for their drinks).


citygirl said:
Did you decide time and place? I will definitely try to make it.

(As I previously posted.)


Tuesday, February 16 at one pm at the Deli Wok at Cabildo 930 just west (up the street) from the Olleros station of Linea D of the subte.

My previous post regarding the event (in code) was only for saints.

Or readers (if not believers) of Ken Brown novels.