Expat with young children?


Mar 26, 2008
Hi everyone. I may have an opportunity to come to Buenos Aires for a month or two for my job. I'd be bringing my wife and two kids, aged 3 and 5.

I've been to BsAs 5 times so far, so I feel that I know the area fairly well. I've helped some friends cook Asado at their homes, and know that the helado at Persicco is better than Volta and Freddo :)

I speak ok Spanish, my wife speaks none - although she has lived in Italy and had a good grasp on the language for a while. I assume she could pick it up quickly with some advance practice. We'd want to hire a nanny / helper. I'd also like to figure out if it makes sense to rent a car for the duration, how to get internet, cell phones, etc.

I'd love to chat with others about their experiences with going to BsAs with kids...either on this board or via email at mbsmith [at] gmail.com

Hiya. My husband and I moved here two years ago, with our children being 1 and 3 (3 and 5 now) and have been having a lovely time.
On the plus: Children go to school (or kindergarten) from 2 years (sala de 2), which gives the littlies a nice structure I think (mine love it), they make friends, and I have made friends through my children with other mothers at the school.
I have found Argis on the whole very welcoming, and extra so if you have small children and speak some Spanish.
A maid or nanny is affordable here, at around $1000 pesos per month.
What I did and do not like here: The summer heat. It gets really hot here, too hot to even go to the pool (it has been over 40 here this year). Playgrounds are too hot too...then what do you do?
Traffic: No one lets you cross a zebra crossing, even if your light is green and you carry two small children.
driving is a bit challenging too.
Everyone will feed your children coca cola and candy. Even the teachers! There is no escaping it. Children here do not eat veggies, and schools will not serve them either in their school lunches.
Saying all that, I live in the centre and I think it would be better to live in Martinez or San Isidro if you have children. That´s where the houses with pools are!