Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...


Apr 16, 2008
Is there such a thing here at all, or are everyone just the typical out of shape city dwellers, whiners, and partiers type? I just wanted to do the same things that I used to do back in California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Alaska New Hampshire, upstate NY, etc., but with fellow English speakers who are also looking to do this type of activity. Sure there are Argentine groups that have excursions all the time, but it's not the same. Am I the only expat out here with trekking/climbing/camping equipment in Argentina??? It's not a problem with finding tourists that are passers by, but I'm talking about a PERMANENT expat group with regularly planned group outings to the backcountry, to do multiday trekking/camping, ski touring, or whatever in ice, snow, canyons, desert, caves... etc.
Hola Mike,

I live full time in Bariloche and am recreating daily. Look us up if your coming this way.
Hey Mike,

I moved to BA almost 2 months ago from Colorado, and although I've been having a lot of fun, yes, I am missing that outdoors aspect to my life as well. My exercise used to be skiing/hiking every day...now it involves dodging maniac collectivo drivers, walking a few blocks away from whatever bar/club I'm at to catch the first cab, and of course, the 1Liter Pour (which I think I could win a gold medal at).

I'm not sure if the type of organization you asked about exists, but I'm sure as hell interested in starting one. I've got a backpack, a sleeping bag, and some good shoes...besides a tent and a camping stove, dont really think I need much else.

Anyone else interested?
Sounds like a plan Jeff. We should start one up since there is none here. Just got back from the US after being here for a year and 4 months. I plan on going back to the US and bring the rest of my climbing equipment and a few upgrades back with me on the next trip. Soulskier, I'll definitely keep you in mind when I'm going to Bariloche. :)
I have no camping gear and am 100% positive I am not as keen or as experienced as you 2, but I would possibly be interested in a day or over night trek.
Will you accept out of shape city dwellers?
Sure, not a problem. You can get your basic hiking/trekking stuff at Camping Center, Montagne (there is one on Florida St. Unicenter, a few other places as well as in Palermo), Euro Camping (a few others like Blod & Montagne on Parana) Depor Camping in Capital (on Pelligrini near Cordoba & 9 de Julio) or Camping Center (on Esmeralda, near Santa Fe in Retiro) as they have the most comprehensive collection. You can also rent at Tienda Aliverti on Saavedra 353 in Congresso.
Mike and all,

Great it sounds like there a few people wanting to get out there.

I'm in BA a itchng to get out to the mountains, although it's a bit tricky doing it alone. I have most of my climbing and camping kit with me including crampons etc. I only brought my light weight tent this time but it should be fine for some multi day trips.

I was hoping to climb some mountains while I'm here, maybe up near Cachi or near Uspallata. I was also thinking of getting down to El Chalten although i'm a little unsure what the weather might be like down there at this time of year.

So maybe those of us in BA should consider getting together and discussing options and ideas?

I live up in the northern suburbs at the moment and I have found a climbing wall if anyone is interested?

Hopefully we can see the mountains soon!


a climbing wall? Which one? I have been looking for a good wall without success.


The wall is in Vicente lopez, there are no fixed ropes. So I guess you have to take your own. I only have my 30m glacier rope with me, but it would be ok to start. I would invest in a new rope if it was good.
I don't know if you know Vicente Lopez, but it's nice, easy to get to by car or train. The wall is down close to the river next to a park, I haven't ventured in to ask yet as my Spanish isn't too goo yet...shame on me I know.