Experience Renting from Non-Expat Rental Agencies


Aug 10, 2009
I've been looking at local sites in Castellano for furnished rental apartments (Alquiler Temporario) and I have been seeing prices that are significantly cheaper than sites that are more oriented to ex-pats (that is, in English). Does anyone have experience renting non-traditionally in BA? For a city that can be wildly inexpensive, rent seems unreasonably high, especially since locals and ex-pats with a DNI pay so much less in pesos for their rent.)

I'm also having trouble finding things in the non-tourist neighborhoods, like Villa Crespo. Is rent really that high here or am I paying tourist prices?
It's not just having a DNI - you need a guarantia to rent here at "local" prices. In essence, you need a property owner to co-sign and say that they will be responsible to cover your rent if you are unable to do so. That's a big commitment. You can "buy" a guarantia but you can be turned down if they search and find out it's not a real guarantia.

Additionally, unless you have residency, you can't by law rent an apt for more than 6 months.

Your best bet, if you want to avoid using an agency that caters to tourists is to ask among your local friends and see if anyone knows an owner willing to rent locally. You will probably still pay more than a local but less than you would with an agency (which typically charges an overhead of 20% over what the owner gets in rent).
citygirl said:
Additionally, unless you have residency, you can't by law rent an apt for more than 6 months.

Are you sure about this?
What law?

Edited b/c I am confusing myself.

The law is that the minimum rental period in Argentina is 2 years. This applies for standard leases. Short-term (vacation rentals) are different. However, for a short-term vacation rental, the period can't be longer than 6 months according to Argentine law.

In theory, you could as a tourist (sin residencia) sign a 2 year lease if you found a guarantor, etc. However, you would technically be in violation of the residency requirements since you are supposed to leave every 90 days if you are here as a tourist. How can you legally sign a 2 year lease if you have no work papers or residency and no visible way to support yourself and are not supposed to be in the country for that long without residency?

Basically - you can renew continually but for "vacation" rental, the period can't exceed 6 months. If it does, it changes the tenants rights (which favors the tenants, not the owner). There is also a law being proposed which would change what you charge in rent as the owner if you sign a lease for more than 6 months.

Rental agencies will not sign a contract for more than 6 months for foreigners.

I have a flat that I rent in Villa Crespo, this is a 1 bedroom flat about 452 sq feets fully furnished with heating, air conditiong, security at the front door, tennis court at the back,and the main reason for what the rent is inexpensive is because I rent it long term mostly for a year the rent at the moment is 550 dollars/month and the only bill that is included apart from the taxes is building expenses, at this moment is rented to an english boy and girlfriend until don`t know when but my advise is to put an ad saying you are interested in long term rental many people could be interested, and also you have to say how much you expect to pay, Iam a local and I have had a good experience I rent my flat from 2002 and never had a problem. Good luck there are always good oportunities of finding a good flat for a reasonable price I think so at least!